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10 Logo Design Tips To Create Effective Company Logo

by hermitc
10 Logo Design Tips To Create Effective Company Logo

A business with no sign is a sign of no business. This sentence may seem trivial at first glance; however, on reading it a second time, its meaning will be amply clear. In the sentence, the word sign refers to the logo of a business. Every well-known brand in every industry has it. Nike has it, Coca-Cola has it. Even Microsoft has it. These are well-known brands. These are brands, which have delivered quality products under the most trying conditions. However, the first impression of a brand is created by its logo. Today, we live in a visual world. Therefore, if your brand has a good logo design, it will not be lost among the clutter of brands vying for the customer’s attention.

The first question a company needs to ask itself when selecting top logo design services is:

Does our logo represent our brand?

Is our logo off-strategy, weak compared to our competitors?

This article will talk about ten important things to consider when creating a company logo.

Do an in-depth research of your client’s business

Every logo belonging to a well-known brand has certain features, which makes it stand out. This has been possible because the logo designer has studied the brand before designing its logo. The logo designer should find out more information about the brand, its products and services or ask his client for more information about it.

Avoid following the trends

Brand logos, which follow the same design colours and patterns as their competitors, tend to get lost among the clutter of companies in that sector. To avoid this, every logo designer should provide logo designs, which are unique and out of the box. He should provide design themes, which are out of the ordinary.

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Create a draft logo first in black and white

There will be many instances when you will be printing your company logo in stark black and white. Advertisements in newspapers print one’s logo in black and white. Photocopies of your logo will also be in black and white. Fax message sent from your company outside will also be in black and white. Therefore, a logo designer should first create a black and white version of the logo and once he is satisfied with the design, then he should fill the colours in it.

Make your logo design scalable

One way to ensure that your logo design will adapt to all kinds of surfaces is to design it in grids. Doing this will make your logo visible on small surfaces like business cards, a pen or even drinkware. Designing a scalable logo will also ensure that it appears proportionate from every angle even on billboard designs.

Think differently

Every logo designer should try to make his logo stand out from the rest. People normally remember something that is unique and out of the world. Even logos are no different. A logo designer should think differently while designing a logo for his client. He should not pick the design templates available on various internet sites.

Adopt a minimalistic approach

A logo designer should always remember the maxim that his designs should be simple. In pursuance of this goal, the designer can adopt a minimalistic approach. Use of the minimum variety of colours and the minimum variety of design elements will ensure that the logo looks classy and modern at the same time.

Logo should be tested across all platforms

With the evolution of technology, people are likely to view your logo across different platforms. Therefore, it is advisable to make a logo that is adaptable to all the platforms. To put it plainly, your logo should be visible on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even desktops. Thus, a logo design should be flexible.

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Design the logo in different tones

Every logo should be designed in more than one tone. With the need for logos to adapt to different distribution platforms, it becomes all the more important for a logo to be designed in different tones. This will ensure that a larger number of people will see your logo design.

Give your logo a deeper meaning

A logo design for a brand is a method of giving the brand message to the customer. A logo says a lot about the brand, which it represents. If you examine the logos of famous brands, each of them will tell you more about the brand. Every logo design should convey a meaning that is deeper than what appears to the naked eye.

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Get inspiration

Inspiration is the key to creative work. People, who are in the creative field, wait endlessly for a unique idea to strike their minds. Such artists do not compromise on the quality of their work. They give preference to the quality of work they do vis-à-vis the quantity of work.

Your company logo should not only convey the brand message, but it should also have your signature. Viewers should be able to decipher by just looking at the design that it is your work. You should introduce some design elements in your logo design, which are common to every design you create.

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