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Cost of World’s Most Famous Logos

by debdey

So, you are planning to launch your startup and looking for a logo that will represent it properly?That sounds great. But how much you are willing to pay for it? I guess you would not mind paying $200 for a really high-quality logo that will help your brand to boost its brand presence.

But some people will argue that $200 is too low for a logo but let’s accept the fact that there are hundreds of logo designing companies available out there who are charging a lot less than that. But the question still remains – what is the ideal cost of a logo?

How about $2000 for a logo? That will certainly sound like a music to the ears of most graphic designing companies but given the present socio-economic condition, 99% of companies will not be able to afford it. So, we need to find a sweet spot in between. How about checking out the cost of some of the world’s most famous logos as this would help us get a cue of how much a standard logo for your brand should cost.

Here in this article, we are now going to take a look at the world’s most famous logos and the cost associated:

BBC – $1,800,000

It took BBC for a while to embrace the web. In 1997, BBC decided to change its business profile and move toward the digital television realm. Internet was in its infancy in that period. But still, BBC decided to enter the world of web. But there was a small problem with this decision. The existing logo of BBC of that time was a bit odd or should I say the logo was not good enough to represent the brand on the web and therefore, a talented graphic designer name – Martin Lambie-Nairn came forward.

bbc logo - World's Most Famous Logos

He suggested creating a uniform logo that will represent its brand across all channels. The existing logo of that time had some serious issues like random colored dashes and pixelated image etc. So, he came up with a new logo by doing away with dashes, changing the typefaces etc. Some people suggested

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Accenture – $100,000,000

Accenture logo World's Most Famous Logos

It is one of the world’s most famous logo. Yup, I can understand that you are taken aback by the sheer amount that the company has coughed up for designing its logo. The logo as you can see is very simple and therefore, it might surprise someone why the company agreed to splurge so much on this simple logo. It was designed by a graphic designing company – Landor Associates. The angled bracket is the one and only designing element incorporated in the logo and it signifies the forward thinking of the company. The lowercase text is used rather than Sentence case to make the logo appear more accessible and users friendly.

London 2012 Olympics – $625,000

London 2012 Olympics - World's Most Famous Logos

Love it or hate it, you simply can’t ignore the London 2012 Olympics logo and one of the most famous logos. It was designed by Wolff Olins in 2007 and they believe that the logo is an epitome of simplicity and creative inspiration but of course, critics think otherwise. Some people think that somewhere something went terribly wrong in the design process of the logo.

Pepsi – $1,000,000

pepsi logo - World's Most Famous Logos

Yes, it really cost $1 million USD for that utterly simple logo that consists of one circle and two curve lines crisscrossing each other. Do you think it was too much? Well, now consider this fact that Pepsi has spent $1.2 billion to change the logo of its different products. That is a lot of money right?

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Google – $0

google logo - World's Most Famous Logos

Google did not spend a penny to design one of the most famous logos. Actually, it was designed by the co-founder of the multi-national company – Sergey Brin himself. However, the logo has definitely undergone some changes later on but the design and the structure have remained the same.

Twitter – $5

At the initial stage of the company, Twitter has decided to crowdsource the design and it got it delivered by a Japanese logo designer. Rumor has it that Twitter has forked out just $5 approximately to get it designed. What is all the more surprising is the fact that the designer was not aware of the fact that his logo is actually used for representing Twitter and become one of the most famous logos in the world. He only came to know this when one of the representatives of the company contacted him to make some changes in it.

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Coca-Cola – $0

Coca-Cola- World's Most Famous Logos

Yes, it is the same story like that of the Google but there is a slight difference in the tale. Frank M designed the logo without any cost. Robinson, the bookkeeper of the founder of Coca-Cola. And it was not just the logo rather the name of the company was suggested by Frank M. Robinson.

BP – $211,000,000

BP in 2001 roped in Landor Associates, a creative agency to design a new logo for its brand. They spent a whopping $211 million to design the logo. The new logo represents energy which is the primary sector of the company and also used the colors – green and yellow.

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Nike – $35

Nike is another company that has spent literally nothing – a measly $35. Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student designed it in 1971. The design of the logo has remained unchanged so far save some changes in the font-type. However, as a note of her hard work, the co-founder of Nike had given her some amount of shares whose market value was somewhere around $600,000.

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