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Popular Font Combinations And How To Select It For Logo

by Nidhi Dave
Popular Font Combinations And How To Select It For Logo

When you look around yourself, then plenty of logos can be observed. Everyone is designed very nicely so that it gets noticed. Even companies are making logos their unique identity. It differentiates your brand from a lot of others.

If you are designing the logo, then you need to think about a lot of things. That includes fonts, colors, icons, combinations of various elements, and many more. The logo is all about how you nicely use all of these in an appropriate way. Visual representations are always impactful and that’s the reason why companies are investing a lot of money in logo design.

Moreover, one of the most important things that we need to decide for business logo design is font. It would be the most observed element in the entire custom logo design as the brand name is written. You need to make a wise selection of the font that suits the design and reflects the personality of the brand.

However, the selection of a proper font is difficult. Designers need to go through a lot of things to find the perfect pair. So, this article will be discussing the popular font combinations and how to select fonts for a logo:

Popular Font Combinations

1. Montserrat And Courier New

One of the widely popular font combinations which you might have seen in the custom logo. Montserrat is considered to be a modern, elegant typeface that can be used for a variety of purposes. It evokes the feeling of urban typography.

Generally, you might have seen Courier news on the web or in digital prints. So, if you think this pair won’t suit together then you might be wrong. It’s an outstanding font combination that you can use in logo design.

2. Rockwell And Bembo

Another wonderful combination of the font for your custom logo. Rockwell is one of the classic slab serif fonts which is designed by Monotype corporation. It has 15 different styles and is perfectly suitable for headlines, displays text, and various purposes. Specifically, the bold version of it will be attractive. That’s the reason why designers use it in business logo design.

Bembo is a sleek, light serif typeface that can be nicely combined with the Rockwell. It’s suitable for body text, subtitles, or any detailed information in the design. Thus, use this font together in your logo, surely it gives an appealing look.

3. Raleway And Lato

This combination will give your custom logo a professional look. You can use Raleway for many design styles as it’s a versatile sans serif font. Lato is also a sans serif font, but the thin text will be a perfect match with Raleway. To differentiate two different texts, it will be great.

4. Elsie And Roboto

Another great font pairing that you can use for your logo design. Elsie is an appealing and elegant font for your logo as it’s designed very carefully. That’s the reason it should pair with some simple font and for that Roboto is a perfect choice. You must use Elsie in the header and Roboto as the body text or subheading.

How To Select Font Pairing

1. Pair From The Same Family

One of the easiest ways to combine two fonts for the custom logo. There are many font families, like serif, sans serif, monospace, and a lot more. When you pair the same family, it gives you a great look at your work. When you use the right font pairing, it will surely improve your logo and take it to the next level. So, try to choose from the same family to get an excellent appearance.

2. Don’t Use Fonts That Are Different

Another thing that you need to keep in mind. Don’t choose a completely different font and ruin your overall design when placed together. Sometimes, to differentiate two texts, two fonts are required but that must be in contrast to each other. You should first check it out whether it’s looking appropriate or not.

3. Consider Font Size And Weight

It’s necessary to consider the size and weight of the font you choose to make the best contrast. It will make it even more effective. The significant difference in size and weight makes your logo design look appealing.

Try to make the half difference in the font size to make it distinguishable. So, do follow this concept while choosing a font combination for your brand logo.

Wrapping up

Designing the logo requires a lot of things to take care of. Fonts are one of the most important elements in the whole design. You can use a maximum of 2-3 fonts in the logo, more than that would make it complex. Even for that what combination would look best has been discussed above. Moreover, how to select the font and their combinations is also mentioned above. It will help you in making decisions on the font.

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