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Latest Web Design Trends You Should Follow in 2018

by Harshal Shah
Web design trends 2018

Website owners are always looking for ways to make their sites look more attractive and professional. In 2017, a lot of web design trends were brought forth by web designers which many people thought they would be the end of all trends in web design. 2018 is here and many web design trends are already flooding the market with many people looking to utilize them to make their websites up to date and cub the intense competition that comes along every day.

Below are the latest web design trends that have been put in place and you should follow in 2018.

Use of Animation to Create Website Items and Logos

The use of normal Graphics has been so common for a website design. It has reached a point where graphics no longer matter and you need to create more illustrative materials to make your audience understand what you are offering. Animation plays an important in enhancing understanding of your audience and you need to make sure you create wonderful animations. The use GIF and other kinds of animated graphics make visitors understand your content easily and perfectly at all times.

Use of Innovative Colors and Graphics

colors and graphics - web design trends 2018

If you are a frequent website visitor, you out to have noticed the difference in the intuitiveness of websites. Many of them are nowadays more compelling and wonderful because of the more attractive colors and graphics put in utilization. Logos, images and other kinds of features are made in a unique manner to make websites more attractive than before. 2017 was more of putting basic graphics but 2018 takes a step further and you will enjoy every graphic installed on your website. A lot of color customizations and personalization have been made to make you enjoy excellent visuals.

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Typography Creativity and Enhancement

Typography Creativity and Enhancement - web design trends 2018

Texts used to be colored, bold and make in different fonts styles to make them look attractive. In 2018, modern web design trends are different and you will see a different kind of typography where numbers are more intuitive than before. There are various styles installed to make your website more special and attractive than before.  Design experts are known to offer the best services and you will be able to enjoy every navigation you make. Besides wonderful content, typography needs to be excellent for you to acquire excellent website usability and satisfaction.

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Data and Brand Story Telling

For every website design, there has to be a product attached to it. People don’t just visit websites because of the designs, they visit websites because of the products offered. Without a proper story to convince people about your brand, no one will bother looking at your website no matter how wonderful and responsive it is. Brand storytelling is setting an unbreakable pace meant to make people enjoy every bit of your information or content on your website. Brand storytelling is a way of customizing your website and making it look more wholesome and wonderful.

Data and Brand Story Telling - web design trends 2018

There was also storytelling in 2017 but it was not that much advanced as compared to 2018. 2018 is mixed with animations and virtual reality to make it not only informing but also attractive and easy to understand. Videos and content are used in combination to make an audience understand what is being offered and why it is valuable to people. Hundreds of tools have been brought forth to ensure designers and developers can use the best tools to create a wonderful brand story. These latest tools have made websites more informative and attractive to use when people want to buy certain products.

Standardization of Design Tools

In 2017, things were really random and a lot of design tools were put in place. Software like InVision, Adobe XD, Figma, Axure, Marvel and Vector were releasing design tools day after day in a bid to make website design world more effective and satisfactory. But that was more confusing because many designers were not able to understand which is which. 2018 is a bit different because if you are still using Photoshop to create UI designs, you are probably outdated and you need to look around you. There are new products like Sketch that play an important role in making sure you design perfect websites with excellent quality and design. Invision release in 2018 will bring more intuitive colors and designs and it will be able to use collaborative platforms to standardize design tools. These software platforms are working in competition but they are special in their own way.

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Playful Illustrations on Websites

Every Website owner wants to inject some bit of personalization and typicality in websites. Playful illustrations are more effective because they depict creativity used by designers to make an audience understand the message being communicated to the people. You will enjoy learning from search pages because they are informative and attractive.

Illustrations eliminate boredom from websites and you will find more visitors coming to your site on every day and hour. The aim of marketing is to increase traffic and you need to be sure about what you feature on your website if you want more customers to visit your site. Illustrations need to be made using quality graphics and you need to be precise on what you are illustrating to make people enjoy every content displayed. 2018 designers have utilized these products and they are reaping big from them.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Web design trends change in a quick and continuous way. You may find you have made a post today and the next minute it’s outdated because new web design trends or algorithm has been put in place. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in ensuring that you are always informed. The moment something happens on the online platforms, you will be notified as early as possible so that you make appropriate adjustments to always remain on track. This way, you will be able to keep your website up and running while its effectiveness being satisfactory at all times.

Use of Artificial Intelligence - web design trends 2018

Artificial intelligence was first used in the online trading software where people used to use robots as a way of obtaining marketing information before they invest their money. Nowadays web design has become that challenging and you need to be always informed to ensure you make your website relevant to the course. Artificial intelligence software will make you well-informed and you will be able to install features and tools that are relevant and essential to your website. It is not just for marketing but to overcome competition which is why you need this kind of tools to keep yourself on the perfect track.

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Flexible Usability of Website in Mult-Device

The use of desktop and computers to access websites is long gone and people are using smartphones and other portable devices to access your websites. Websites are now made mobile device friendly to ensure user satisfaction is increased at all times. Users will not be limited on which kind of device to use when accessing websites and they will be able to access websites in all kinds of devices. You can order, you can inquire and you can even ask questions on the websites using Phones and other kinds of devices. Web Design specialists can make sure your website is up to the task and you always enjoy fruitful website performance.

Mobile apps and software have also increased and people can now alternate website usage with application use to make inquiries. The use of kinetic emails is now dominating the market and developers are using HTML and CSS to create mobile-friendly emails that are responsive in mobile devices. Email marketing continues to play a huge role and a lot of e-commerce sites are reaping big from such campaigns. 2018 is well packed and unlike before, creativity is highly needed when combining tools to make web designs.

Deploy Creativity in Web Design

Deploy Creativity in Web Design

In latest web design trends, it is not how imperative your website looks but how effectively and perfectly you combine the tools. For example, you need to learn consumer buying habits for you to know the kind of emails to send a customer or client. 2018 has revolutionized web design from a professional task to a creative and art task that requires professionals to know what they are applying to the website and how effective those features will be when performing intended roles. This is the best way for you to increase website functionality and effectiveness.

Looking at such trends and technical requirements, it is crystal clear that you need professional web design services. If you are a beginner and you have little experience in web design, you may mess up things easily and make your website to irrelevant and less competent. A perfect website is always tested and all its features tested for competency before being released to the market. Website testing and upgrades are what helps designers to eliminate all kinds of mistakes and make your website to be well functioning. The use of website analytics tools and artificial intelligence tools is what makes website enhancement fruitful and effective

These are some of the modern web design trends you should follow in 2018. Comment below if we have missed anything.

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