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6 Design Elements that Convert Visitors to Lead

by hermitc
6 Design Elements that Convert Visitors to Lead

Perhaps the most critical aspect of internet marketing today is getting higher conversions. While getting a visitor is essential, but even more important than this is converting it to your brand. With innumerable options available, aligning customers towards your brand can be tricky. The tight competition makes the situation even more fierce and intense.

But a good website design can provide you an edge over others. An eye-striking website design catering the interest of visitors play a pivotal role in the online success of a business.

If you want to know about the best design elements that can attract visitors and keep them engaged for a longer time period, then here check them right below in this post. These elements will help you increase your website’s conversion rates and eventually result in your business success.

  1. Keep it Updated and Fresh

A new and fresh layout captures more attention than the monotonous, old version. Whether visitors are new or existing, they always appreciate something fresh and new.

Consider the example of CloudSponge. The site witnessed used slower conversions with an old-fashioned and outdated site.However, there was a 33% increase in conversion rate with a fresh site layout.

The conversion rate tends to increase with a fresh and flawless layout of your site. So, frequently update the layout of your site. The fresher it is, the more people will like it and want to see it.

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  1. Include Catchy Headlines and CTAs

The headline on your home page is the very first thing that a visitor notices. The next important thing is the CTA. Articles, blogs, product specifications, and contact information are secondary elements. If you have a more impactful and action-oriented headline and CTA, then more you would be able to gain success.

Effective CTAs can incite immediate responses from customers. Concise and clear CTAs are highly effective. A software company has even confirmed an increase in the conversion rate by 106% with a direct and concise call-to-action.

  1. Ask Important and Requisite Information

Most of the people are skeptical about making the personal information public. If you want to increase the number of subscribers on your new site, then make sure you avoid asking too many questions.


Have a glance at Dropbox, a leading data storage platform that hosts a simple sign-up form. Users are only asked to provide their name, password, and email address. It does not even ask to enter the password.

Since new visitors are not familiar with your product or company, so don’t expect them to share their personal information up front. It is first essential to gain their trust. You can offer them a discount or any other privilege to develop loyalty.

This way, you can keep customers engaged with your site. They will always look up your site before making a new purchase.

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  1. Keep it Visually Attractive and Appealing

Complicated and crowded pages are not appealing, rather annoying. Simple and attractive pages can provide you with higher conversion rate. Your site page must clearly and pleasingly showcase the offerings of your company without requiring their too much of time. An efficient way is to add image sliders and videos.

Even an image slider can increase the conversion rate to a great extent. The same happened with a mobile software enterprise, Device Magic that witnessed a 31% increase in conversion rate with its image slider.

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  1. Design Drop-Down Menus and Floating Sidebars

The visitors find it frustrating to move top to bottom of a webpage for its navigation. Designing a floating menu that moves alongside or top of the screen while you scroll defines easy navigation.

A leading computer hardware company, AMD, designed floating buttons to allow visitors share the content that impressed them across a range of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This resulted in a whopping increase of 3600% in social sharing.

  1. Be Quick to Queries

Establishing a dialogue between your prospective clients and you are important. If you respond quickly to the queries and inquiries of your users then they would prefer buying products from you. It is because failing to offer customers immediate responses can make them stick around to other options.

You can use efficient CRM software to send quick responses to the customers. With the help of CRM software, you can segment and convert leads from distinct channels. Once you segment and organize the leads it is then convenient to receive automated responses. This not just boosts the conversion rate but also save your energy and time.

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Wrapping Up

Encouraging visitors to convert to your brand is quite complex, but with these 6 design elements, it is possible to give your website a quick headway towards accomplishing that goal.

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