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4 Common Roadblocks in Social Media Marketing and It’s Solution

by Nick Piolotto
4 Common Roadblocks in Social Media Marketing and It's Solution - Beta Compression

Presently there are approximately 2.3 billion active social media users across the globe. If we do the math, that’s approximately one-third of the entire world’s population! Being social media marketers, we may be lucky enough to reach 0.00001% of the entire social media populations through our social media posts. This can be quite underwhelming for the businesses who are looking forward to being speaking the true value and ROI of social media marketing.

However, implementing a social media marketing strategy is not an easy job to accomplish. The businesses have to overcome certain challenges and roadblocks to get the desired ROI from their social media campaigns. So, what are these roadblocks that make it difficult for businesses to have a successful and hassle-free social media campaign and how can they overcome them?

Well, that’s what we’ll be talking about in this article; we’ll look at some of the common roadblocks that a business might face while implementing the social media marketing strategy and provide tips and solutions to overcome them.

Connect with Audiences Authentically

We are observing a major migration in what we call as “effective social media campaigns” over recent times. One of the most common roadblocks that a business faces is connecting with its audiences individually on a personal level. Well, connecting with the audience personally helps you humanize your business and build a real and authentic relationship with them.

Here is a solution, how to connect with audiences authentically on social media

To have an authentic connection with the audience, businesses can use free or low-cost brand monitoring tools to respond to every single comment on their social media posts. The businesses should monitor every additional social media channel and respond to each post where they have been mentioned. They can also do this by asking questions, linking the posts with their blogs, provide insights, or by offering solutions to the problems mentioned in the social media posts.

Businesses must also consider creating and growing a niche forum or group on various social media platforms, or even creating their own dedicated community. Creating such a community gives businesses the opportunity to engage with users as well as let them indulge their passions and connect with like-minded people.

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Curate a Social Media Strategy

Businesses might know what they want to accomplish from their social media campaign, however, without a proper social media marketing strategy, they might not have a specific plan on how to achieve that goal. Businesses should think of their social media campaign as a roadmap to their goals – surely, they can stop off and check out the level they have achieved, but they must return to the plotted roadmap, that takes you to your goal in the shortest period of time.

Here is a solution, how to curate a social media strategy

Curating a social media marketing strategy should not necessarily take weeks to put together. Businesses should have these 3 key things jotted down for an effective social media strategy:

[tie_list type=”checklist”]

  • Why are they on social media: To be on social media just for the sake of being active is nothing but a waste of valuable time and resources of the business. Prior to starting a campaign, answer the most important question “WHY ARE WE ON SOCIAL MEDIA?”
  • How can we succeed: The next important thing is to get the answer to “How”? The businesses plot a plan to how they will succeed and achieve their goal in a social media campaign. This can be specific social channels, paid advertising budget, video or image creation, partnering with influencers.
  • How to measure success: KPI are extremely important for businesses to measure the progress. Key Metrics, Goals or OKRs that businesses would like to accomplish can be broken down into days, weeks, months, and the year. Breaking it down like this will allows businesses to focus on day-to-day activities while also keeping the big picture in mind.


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Having Quality Content

It is completely understable that managing the social media campaign can be extremely time-consuming and can become a full-time job, which is why staying creative and original in terms of content is one of the toughest challenges to overcome in social media marketing. The social media manager checklist seems to go on forever: curate, create, schedule, monitor, respond, update, and reuse content across several different social profiles. Hence, it gets highly crucial for social media marketers to find little hacks to optimize their time and efforts.

Here is a solution, how to create a quality content for social media posting

Besides basic content creation and idea generation tactics like monitoring social media pages or scouring other platforms, there are other less time-consuming methods businesses can experiment with today. Some of the most popular content and social media posts are ones that feature an inside look into the buffer’s culture. Customers know that there is a “real person” behind the social media profile and by giving them a look into their company’s or brand’s profile will evoke real human interaction.

Getting the Content to a Large Audience

Great content on a business blog and other social media posts will not give surety that people will follow them. Well, promoting the content, partnering with brands and influencers and capturing audiences’ attention is a whole new social media challenge in itself. The encouraging news is that if the content is enjoyed by a few people on a business blog, then the chances are that people on social media will enjoy it as well. The challenge is getting it to those people.

Here is a solution, how to connect with relevant and large audiences on social media

Similar to investment, the “compounding effect” is a powerful concept that works with equal efficiency in social media marketing also. Let’s say, a person on a social media platform has 100 followers. Those 100 followers have their own hundred followers each. Even if 5% of total followers share the business’ content, that’s still a massive amount of share and impressions.

Well, the key for the businesses is not to sit back and hope that followers will share their content. But to actively seek out people that they know will benefit from the content. A business can follow the following few ideas to get them started:

[tie_list type=”checklist”]

  • Join LinkedIn groups or online forums in their niche market
  • Direct message influencers–in a genuine way–on social media
  • Republish content to Medium
  • Syndicate the content
  • Ask questions and respond to comments on Quora


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Social media is one of the fastest medium for a business to reach to a large number of audiences spontaneously. However, to achieve the maximum ROI from the social media campaign is not an easy job for the businesses. There are many roadblocks that a business might face while promoting the campaign. It might hamper the business promotion on various platforms.

With skillfully plotted social media strategy, these challenges can be overcome smoothly. All business should have a crystal clear idea about what value does it actually want from their social media campaigns. With this figured out, every roadblock that a business might face in it social media marketing can be easily taken care off.

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