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7 Social Media Automation Tools Save Your Times and Efforts

by Aadil Bandi
7 Social Media Automation Tools Save Your Times and Efforts

In today’s Internet-dominated world of marketing, it has become imperative for each individual and organization to maintain and thereafter sustain a consistent visibility in the virtual online world. And social media and networking websites, blogs, forums etc., are a great tool and medium for online marketing and business promotion.

However, with plenty of diverse social media and networking websites attaining popularity, it can be somewhat tedious to simultaneously manage social media optimization on all of the popular platforms. In order to simplify  social media automation tools which help you to save your time and efforts

Hoot suite

This social media automation tool consolidates your profiles on all social media and networking applications such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook and many more It saves you the hassles of jumping from service to service. This allows you to update and review all your social media profiles from a single page itself. The tool allows you to schedule posts across different social networks, time your updates for the hours that will have the most impact.

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Social Mention

This application connects with more than 100 social media websites and networks simultaneously, including image sharing websites and forums. It combines social analytics and social search into one simple service that saves you from the hassles of trolling the web. It allows you to search for the recent and most popular keywords that the consumers are looking up for; therefore, giving you a good idea of which area to focus on most.


Mention is that tool which gives you updates and information about your consumers’ reviews for your business and work. Every time somebody mentions you, you will be sent an alert.

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Crowd booster

It is another application to streamline social networking profiles into one medium. It also permits auto-posting of the same status update on multiple websites, like Twitter and Facebook, and even updates about all recent activities concerning you on the respective social networking websites. It’s provides information on the most engaged fans to reach out to fans individually. The tool even makes rime recommendations that are, suggest the best time of the day to post the content based on the last post engagement pattern.


The buffer is attaining a lot of popularity amongst small-scale enterprises and entrepreneurs. All you need to do is create a Buffer account through which you can pre-schedule and even bookmark your updates on Twitter and Facebook.

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Google Alerts

This is a great way to stay keep a track of the increasing popularity and mentioning of your profile and online business on Google. Hence, each time someone mentions your profile on Google, you will receive an alert in the form of an email or a private message. It is a great ‘set it and forget it’ tool. You can set up email notifications for the mentions of the business or brand or people who represent your business.

Page lever

Page lever is perhaps the most analytical tool for Facebook. It provides detailed statistics in the form of charts and graphs highlighting your performance and appeal on Facebook. The tool provides visually appealing charts that can be used during presentations and meetings when assessing the success of the campaign.

The best way to get familiar and learn more about these tools and the perfect approach to social media is to get social media training. Find a trusted social media training institute that has well experienced and professional trainers who can guide you throughout the training tenure.

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