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Tips To Recover Your Brand From Panda and Penguin Updates

by Aadil Bandi
How To Recover Your Brand From Panda and Penguin Updates - Betacompression.com

According to the Internet Live Stats, there are around 1.85 billion websites across the world and out of which 200 million are the active ones. Since the internet user’s number will increase in the coming years, anticipating the increase in website number is also probable.

Google is doing its best to offer the users with the most significant results for their quests of search including other search engines as well. It is one of the reasons that every try that is dishonest for attracting the visitors is penalized.

The penalty by Google is one of the scenarios that are worst and can happen with any of the websites. In such case, it is imperative to identify the problem and ways for recovering the rankings.

It is a process that is time-consuming but through patience and ambition, recovering the lost traffic gets easy.

Before moving on to the ways of recovering, it is significant to know the reason.

When you experience that your rankings and traffic from Google drops suddenly, then it is probable that the website is penalized. There are two scenarios you require checking to identify the appropriate analysis. It is vital to determine if the traffic is dropped due to the Google manual penalty or it because of the algorithm update.

Checking for a manual penalty

If you think that your website is penalized, then login to the account on the tools of Google Webmaster and verify if you have received any actions against the website. You require clicking on the search traffic and manual activities.

If the website is penalized, then it is because the site is manually reviewed. Most of the times, Google penalizes the websites due to the profile of backlink as it doesn’t look natural.

Hence, if you get to experience that your website is not working appropriately, then most probably this is the reason. All you need to do is identifying the cause.

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Checking for an algorithm update penalty

It is frequently the case that the website has no warning messages in the tools of Google Webmaster and that leads to dropping of the rankings and traffic. The first thing you require doing is checking if any significant algorithm updates happen. You can make use of the tools like Algoroo and Mozcast.

There are two primary updates Google has included, and they are:

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  • Panda
  • Penguin


Tips to recover from Google Panda

The algorithm of Panda update, the primary target of Google is the websites with low-quality and the problems like on-page or little content.

Here are the steps for recovering from the penalty of Google algorithm-Panda:

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  • Firstly, you require checking if your website is including the pages that are duplicate or low-quality. After that, you need to click on the HTML improvements.

Checking for a manual penalty - recover website from panda update

  • Secondly, make sure logging into the Google Webmaster tools, and then you need to click on the search appearance. It will help you in determining if you have any copied pages or titles.
  • If you discover such page, then you need to ensure about deleting them or make sure that they are not being followed.
  • After all of the above steps are done, then you require finding the indexed number pages in Google. You need to click on the Google index and later on Index status.

Google index status - recover website from panda update

  • Lastly, it is vital to know the quality and length of the pages. If the maintaining of length and quality of the website adequately is there, then Google never target such sites.


Google Panda update - Betacompression.com

In a nutshell, Google Panda is all about the content of quality, duplicate pages and problems that are on-page. So, it is essential for a website to follow the above points.

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Tips to recover from Penguin algorithm

The algorithm is all about the backlinks. It is due to the update that websites get penalized by Google. It is vital for a site to assure that there are no low-quality backlinks and the distribution of anchor text that is unnatural.

When you plan to build the backlinks to your website, it is vital always to create the distribution of anchor text. You need to ensure that you are getting less than 50% commercial keywords in the anchor text. If probable, then make sure that it is even less than that.

For recovering from a Penguin date, you require identifying the backlinks which lead to hurting your rankings and make sure that you are trying to get rid of as many as probable. You should make sure to check the guide on how backlinks can be removed.

Here are tips for recovering the website from Penguin algorithm:

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  • Firstly, you need to ensure creating the list with the backlinks you cannot get rid of. Submit it to the Google with the tool named Disavow.
  • Secondly, you require ensuring that you are not over-optimizing the web pages including other pages. You need concentrating your attempts on building the links to all the website pages.
  • You can also make use of the tools like Ahrefs for conducting the audit that is comprehensive for your links. Logging in to the account of Google search Console and downloading the links list for the site is essential.
  • You need to find out the spam links as it can lead to impact the rankings.
  • Another step includes linking with sending emails to the webmasters for removing the link.
  • Use of Disavow tool is useful for links removing that are low-quality.


Google penguin update - Betacompression.com

Here is an example of a website due to the Penguin algorithm update:

exmaple of penalized website by penguin update

It is clear from the graph that the common anchor text was used around 60% and it represents that there are no natural backlinks. The anchor text report is here:

anchor text report of website affected by penguin update

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The penalized website is not at all a comfortable experience. But the good news is, even if you are facing the issue then also you don’t have to worry because there are steps that can help you in resolving the issue. All you have to do is the identification of reason for getting penalized. Identifying the reasons is useful in comprehending the problem in the website, then you have to ensure following the steps illustrated above to gain traffic and rankings again.

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