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WeChat – The Top Professional Messaging App in China

by anandrajendran
WeChat tops the chart in communication for Chinese Professionals

Fact: There are around 889 million users who are active on the WeChat.

There was a time when communication was done by different means and if we look back we can see that there were different modes of communication.

At present, the world has fast-forwarded itself to a great extent and we can see that the people are adapting to the changing trends. There was a time when people use to communicate through phone calls, letters, and faxes.

Now, it is no more the same, the world is at present in the digital mode and everything happens within a snap of the fingers. It is an unbelievable fact that the technology has helped the world to grow to this extent.

Smartphones are the gadgets which have been used on a regular basis by most of the adults and the number of users seems to increase exponentially.

wechat and china - medium for professional communication

We can say that it is hard not to see an adult without a smart gadget and use it seamlessly. It has helped millions of people across the world to perform their tasks effortlessly and in a swift manner.

There are thousands of applications available for people to use and get benefitted through it.

One of the most prominent applications which people tend to use is the social media apps and messaging apps.

WeChat is considered to be one of the most prominently used social networking apps. The app was designed for serving the purpose of has conversations with friends and family.

As the popularity of the app increased, so did the usage of the app. It is now becoming more popular amongst the professionals in their workspaces.

This is being operated by Tencent Holdings which is listed under the Hong-Kong’s internet behemoth.

WeChat is predominantly called as Weixin in its land and it is a most dominant app in the nation.

It is said that there are around 889 million users who are active on the wechat.

There are a lot of things which one can do with the app, we can send instant messages to our friends, make payments for the bills and buy movie tickets as well.

It is not just that, there are other services available as well, which will help people to get their work done seamlessly.

The best part that, this app does not halt at just making the personal lives a lot easier for the people. There is a magnificent user database and the features of the app seem to increase and it is helping people to perform their tasks which are related to their work.

The app is not helping people to stay connected with their friends and family. It is helping people to stay connected in a professional way; we can say that the line is being cleared between the personal life and professional life.

There was an analysis made and it showed that 90 percent of the 20,000 users surveyed felt the app to be the top most choice when it came to communicating at work on a regular basis.

we chat and china - a new way to communication

There are instances when people need to maintain relationships with their business partners when they are entrepreneurs.

It is essential that the communication is made and helps the people in the group to stay updated on the progress in their business. In that, this app is helping them to stay connected together and perform better at their work.

A recent report showed that around 87.7 percent of the users have used the app for their communication in their profession.

On the flip side, other modes of communication like phones, emails, and faxes were used at 59.9 percent.

It is evident that the social networking app has surpassed the conventional old fashioned ways of communication.

The least noted communications used by the professionals at work was by emails which scored a 22.6 percent of the usage.

A senior market analyst stated, by coining the WeChat app as WeWork app as the users feel more comfortable in using it for the conversations and communications at work.

Another fact is that 57 percent of the new contacts which the users come across seem to be related to work.

In the recent times, we can see that there is an increase in people exchanging QR codes to connect through WeChat, rather than going by the traditional way of exchanging name cards to stay connected.

There are instances where the professionals use the app to share files with their fellow mates rather than using the conventional way to send files.

There has been a tremendous growth in the number of people who are using this particular app to get their work done in a swift way.

It is not just about sharing the files related to the projects that the employees can share through WeChat. People can even hold conference calls with the help of the app from anywhere around the world.

If people tend to have their business relationships on WeChat at a high rate then it is essential that it is well maintained to make sure that the business performs well.

At present, it is said that the company which owns the app Tencent is planning to add advertisements to the app as well. There has been a significant rise in the time spent on the app when compared to the previous year.

In 2016 on an average the users were using the app for around 66 minutes in a day. Now, the number of hours spent on the app has increased invariably and it is said that 34 percent of the users on an average spent around 4 hours.

That significantly a huge growth and the impact the app has on the regular users of the app. Most of the users are glad about the fact that they are able to handle their personal and professional lives with the help of the app.

On the flip side, we can see that there are a few users who are not pretty much glad about it, as they feel that the app is consuming too much of their real life.

The fact here is that anyone who is connected through the app will be able to send messages. It doesn’t matter whether the person is personally related or professionally, and it becomes essential for one to reply them back.

There are a few others who would like to divert from the app itself, as they feel to be used on a major scale. But, truth said that the people have to stay on the app to make sure that they are connected to their social connections.

The fact that is 90 percent of communications which take place on the app is predominantly by the professionals.

Apart from using the app for sending messages to personal contacts and sharing the files with the professionals, there are other means in which the app being used by the people. For instance, it is said that the people are using this app for making their payments through the wallet in the app.

This has helped the people to go cashless, the transactions which are being made on the app is said to be around 73 dollars and above on a regular basis.

WeChat is considered to be the 4th biggest messaging app used in the world and we can see that the numbers are increasing as well. It is evident that the

WeChat wallet comes first for payments in the conveyance stores and supermarkets. Online shopping is considered to be the second after the wallet on WeChat. It is clear that this app has helped millions of people to perform better in their personal and professional lives with their social connections and we can expect that this will increase over a period of time.

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Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well-known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo – Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

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