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7 Web Design Tips You Should Know Before Launch Your Website

by AM Technologies

Do you want to start your business online? Want to get the attention of your visitors through your new website? Good web design is essential to grab the attention of visitors and tempt them to take action on your website (your prior objective).

In recent years, the evolution in the web design industry has changed the scenario of browsing websites. Old web design ideas are doomed and so, the website with outdated design ideas couldn’t attract the visitors means less traffic and fewer leads.

Launching a new website is an exciting thing for anyone and also worrying about its design and outcomes. Here we have listed 7 quick yet mind-blowing web design tips, you must follow before putting your business online.

Follow 5 Second Rule:

The 5-second rule is not a new word for the freelance website designers and web design agency. You will be surprised to know that the back button on a website is a widely used button. Means visitors go back without even seeing a whole page of a website.

That’s why the 5-second rule is defined. You will have only five seconds (yes you are reading right) to attract the audience & tempt them to stay more on your website.

Your landing page of a website must:

  • Grab the attention
  • Provide necessary & useful information
  • Compel your audience to an action

The last one is very much important to run your business successfully. Design is a good thing that can draw visitors’ to an actual page (your landing page) and compel them to take action. So, build a website design that attracts visitors and deliver needful information on a screen quickly.

Build a Design Strategy:

Whatever, we cover in the first point is also considered in the design strategy. In this point, we look further to understand the web design strategy and how it will help to grow business.

A website is crucial to enable your visitors to find & get engaged with your business online. The primary goal of having a good design is to communicate your business value proposition draw audience and motivate them. This is what we called it a design strategy.

A clear design strategy will allow a business owner to identify what factors will make their visitors to browse the website easily and get the information in a proper way.

Remember, the Design strategy is based on your business objectives. It means a design strategy for an e-commerce website is different than the website of the professional service. Couldn’t build a proven web design strategy; consult with the web design experts to discuss your idea.

Building a strategy blindly may cause harm to your website and so your business too.

Make Your Website Future Proof:

They say “Live in Present, Who Cares about Future”.

This might be true for us but not for the website or business. Your website is built after doing hundreds of attempts and facing thousand of difficulties.

Never ever forget that you are spending your valuable time and hard-earned money for a website. How can you make your website for present only?

Before launching your website; make sure that you have considered the future trends of website design. So, you do not need to change your website design for at least one year. After all, you have invested much on your website.

Things You Should Consider for Your Future Proof Website:

  • Site Speed
  • Responsiveness
  • Security
  • Upcoming technology
  • Content quality
  • Ease of use

Launch When You Ready, Not Your Website is:

Have your website pages designed which are necessary but still other pages are not designed completely? You can launch your website. Yes, you can.

It’s okay to launch a website with mandatory designed pages. But it’s not okay if you take longer times to get all pages designed well and then upload it online.

Most of the marketing and web design experts say that a new business owner should have launched the website when the main pages of websites are built and the flow is proper.

Taking too much time to launch a website may harm your business because of the continuous technology evolvement. Is there any benefits to launch a site when website design is older compared to the modern trend. Definitely not!

Always consider a site as ongoing work. Means you need to make changes to your website every 6 months or a year to stay up with the new trends that visitors love.

Beta Launch

Another thing, how will you know the problems on your website and how to correct them without launching it. What’s the solution? “Beta Launch”.

The beta launch will help your customers to know the design & process flow and you will get suggestions from them to improvise your website performance & user experience as well.

In nutshell, you need to consider the above tips before launching the website. I hope you will. Need more tips and suggestions to improve your website performance through eye-catchy design; contact the web design expert today to discuss your website design ideas.

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