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10 Web Design Tips To Boost Your Website Conversion

by Stephen Chong

The most important task for a website owner is to increase the conversion rate of the site. In simple terms, website conversion is the ratio of the total site visitors who performed the necessary action to the total number of visitors. For instance, if 100 people visited your website on a specific day and 10 of them made an order, then the conversion rate is 10%.

Actually, the conversion rate of a website depends on several factors. The more your website conversion rate is, the more revenues you generate every day. Several website owners always complain about the low-conversion rate of their web projects, which threatens their existence in the web-based business.

So, the biggest question is how to design your website to help SEO professionals improve its conversion rate? Follow this effective web design tips to boost your website conversion rate.

Make A Good Impression on Visitors with A Minimalistic Website Design

One of the main reasons for the failure of most websites is that visitors are flooded with a huge amount of information immediately after landing a site. When a new visitor comes to your website for the first time, you have only a few seconds to make a good first impression, convey your main business message to him/her.

Always keep in mind that the first impression is formed quickly. A good first impression will increase the possibility that visitors will take the desired actions and return to the website in the future also. A bad first impression will displease them, which means they will never come back to your website.

So, design your website keeping user’s need and preference in mind. Use only the necessary website design elements and ensure there is enough white space on your website. It gives relaxation to visitors and they love to keep using the site and make transactions.

Optimize Your Website Speed

In today’s competitive business environment, website loading speed matters a lot. It is because visitors don’t have enough patience to wait for pages to load. 57% of all visitors leave slow loading websites immediately & browse similar sites to find the desired information, products, services quickly.

Website Loading Speed Remarks
1 second Great
2-3 seconds Very Good
4-7 seconds Normal
8-10 Bad
11 seconds or more An awful website for users. Your web-based business starts to die little by little with each passing day.

Website loading speed affects the effectiveness of SEO activities. Faster websites are preferred by Google because it wants to help users to find the most sought-after info as soon as possible. Slower websites have a lower ranking in Google’s SERP. Make your website faster using different techniques to encourage visitors to stay longer on your website & make more transactions.

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A Responsive Website Guarantees More Business Opportunities

You will be surprised to know that these days, there are more mobile devices in the world than people. These gadgets have now become the simple and the most common way of internet surfing. So, there is no alternative to adaptive websites.

Big Technological giants have already adapted to the new reality and made their websites responsive to all mobile devices. An adaptive website “behaves” well when people try to access it through smartphones or tablets. All leading search engines appreciate responsive websites appreciate it, which means you will get lots of business opportunities.

Content Presentation Technique

Content presentation technique also matters a lot when you aim to create amazing websites and increase the conversion rate up to a great extent. Almost all customers take different actions after reading the content. So, you should use SEO-optimized, fresh and high-quality content to create a website and upload new pages to it. Make sure that your content is easy to read and understand. Eliminate all possible errors from the content as far as possible. Use catchy titles, subtitles, images, links, videos, professional fonts etc, to make your content look attractive and useful for the targeted audience. Take care of content formatting also before making it live on the website for the targeted audience.

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Clear and Straightforward Website Navigation

For webmasters, one of the most difficult tasks is to maintain the navigation structure of their site as its weight grows significantly after each submission of content. When you start your website, choose a navigation style based on future needs. Keep the website navigation path as simple & straightforward as you can.

Generally, website navigation consists of three main things: menus, sidebar, and hyperlinks. Choose your menu as a horizontal or vertical, layout-based theme, which is best suited to your content design. You may need to combine horizontal and vertical navigation so that users can cover all of the important pages of your website easily and effortlessly.

If you have a blog on your website, just provide all the necessary navigation links on it, such as categories, subcategories archives, author information, RSS feed, etc, in the sidebar area. link your internal pages with text content and images as far as possible because Search engines calculate internal links to understand the importance of the page relative to other pages and rank them accordingly. You can use a secondary navigation for complex websites.

Proper Placement of CTA Buttons

The call to action (in web design) is a term used for the elements of a web page that have been created to guide users what to do after reading the content. Proper placement of CTA buttons on your website is mandatory as it would determine the business generated by your website. Confusing or unclear will make visitors fretful and they will leave your website immediately.

call to action buttons - Boost conversion - betacompression.com

Always keep in mind that Designing a call-to-action button requires some foresight and planning. Make it a part of your prototyped and information architecture when you create websites, landing pages, E-commerce websites, etc. On the WWW, most Internet users don’t take things at the face value. Design effective CTA buttons in consultation with a reliable & experienced web designer, place them appropriately on your website to increase the conversion rate up to a great extent.

Make Your Website Multilingual

Having the ability to provide content in different languages on your site makes your brand stand out of the crowd, allows users to get the desired content in their own languages, and take actions in quick succession. Always keep in mind that people use the WWW in different languages. Multilingual websites can help you get more business opportunities from different locations of the world and generate sufficient leads every day.

Add Virtual Assistants To Your Website

 Virtual assistants are automatic chatbots that appear immediately once you land on a website. They are programmed by web designers with a clear intention to provide all necessary help to visitors so that they can easily collect more information about products and services and make informed decisions quickly.

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Easy Registration & Checkout Process

 Asking too many information for registration and checkout process can frustrate visitors and they may leave your website without making transactions. Be prudent and simplify the registration and checkout process of your website as far as possible. Ask only those info that is required to complete transactions.

Safety of Customer’s Details

 Website security is an important factor when you aim to increase its conversion rate by leaps and bounds. We all know that all large modern sites are built on a database. If your website is not safe, a hacker can inject malicious programs to in the structural language of SQL queries, steal important details, and even shut down your website. Nobody likes to browse an unsafe website. So, take your website to the HTTPS to make it safe to use and ensure the safety of its database. You should also take all possible steps to increase the safety level of your websites and allow visitors to make transactions without any fear.

Final Words

The generation of sufficient leads is directly linked to your survival in a web-based business. More leads=More revenues. Fewer leads mean you struggle to grab ample business opportunities. Make vital changes in your website design by following the above-mentioned recommendations & generate leads by leaps and bounds every day.

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