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14 Tips to Write a Catchy Subject Line For Your Resume Email

by Samar Sood
14 Tips to Write a Catchy Subject Line For Your Resume Email

Impressing the hirers is a must to get into a job. But it is not easy work. To give a solid first impression, you need to have a decent resume. Indeed, the body of the resume matters. But the subject line matters too.

Without an intriguing subject line, you may miss the opportunity. If you want to create a unique subject line for your resume email, you are in the right place.

Follow this guide to write a winning subject line for your resume email:

Keep your subject line short:

Often people forget to write the subject line itself. A message having an empty subject line might go straight to spam. And it may never get into the inbox again. The recipient might just delete it as a reflex without noticing. It happens mostly when the recipient cannot recognize the name of the sender.

So, keep the subject line short. Do not include more than five to seven words or forty characters. The shorter the subject line, the more engaging it is.

Use professional tone:

While sending a resume email, avoid familiar language. And make use of a professional subject line. But just a professional subject line will not be enough. Your email address plays a crucial role in establishing the first impression.

Take care of the domain as well. Put your first and last name in the domain, and include some numbers. And avoid making use of abbreviations or shorthand. Opt for a subject line that fits the mobile screen easily.

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Avoid spam words:

Do not sound like a salesperson in your subject lines. Or else it may get straight to the spam. Avoid loud punctuations. Do not overuse exclamation points and all-caps. Also, try to avoid promotional languages openly.

Focus on offering your expertise and sharing useful information. Make use of the first few words to get to the point.

Email address is important:

Your email id is your subject line’s partner. Many hirers disqualify unprofessional email addresses. So, the applicants using those email addresses will not be able to qualify as well.

It doesn’t matter how good your email’s subject line is if you use an unprofessional email ID. All your efforts will be in vain. Your email ID must ideally identify who you are.

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Showcase relevant details:

If you have no explicit instructions to use in the subject line, make use of relevant details. When you apply for a job, include the job title. You may include the job code as well if there are any.

If someone refers you, write about it. It is also a good idea to include your name along with the post.

Highlight your value:

Along with opting for the best resume distribution services, creating an attractive resume mail renders you a higher chance of landing a job. So, think from the perspective of a reader while drafting the mail and creating a subject line. Think about what the reader may find compelling.

Think about your recipient’s priority. You may start pitching in the subject line itself. You may also include relevant credentials, experience, skills, or education.

Include open-ended questions and deadline:

There are many reasons to add questions in the subject line. Questions are the primary weapon to draw your reader’s attention. It also encourages their curiosity. Making use of a question will convince the reader to open the mail in search of an answer.

Add a deadline in the subject line as well. It develops an urgency in the reader. This further encourages the recipient to focus on your email.

Include referral info:

Someone might have referred you. Include the person’s name in the email’s subject. Several companies prefer referrals to general applicants. They think that credibility is already there in the referrals as there exists a trust factor. This way, you create a straight path for yourself to grab the opportunity.

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Make them want to open:

Make an irresistible subject line for your resume email. If there are any instructions, do not deviate from them. Make things clear about why you are reaching out. And be specific. Explicitly mentioning the job title opens convinces the reader to open the mail.

Mention how you have found the opportunity. Highlight every other explicit detail compactly in the subject line.

Do not sound aggressive:

If you get no response, you may often feel frustrated. But this impatience will not help anyway. So, to be on the safer side, do not sound aggressive. It will not encourage the recipient in any way or the other. Instead, it will probably do the opposite.

Refer to the instructions of the company:

To write a good subject line for your resume email and create a good impression, follow the instructions correctly. Several companies have their own sets of instructions. Stick to those submission instructions.

They may also recommend you a specific format. Use the email address that they have provided. In some cases, you might need to use the exact headline they want you to write.

Include the pertinent details:

There may be no instructions about how to apply. Or, if you do not have a referral, you need to include the pertinent details. Mention the reason for your email. Include the position title, location, and ID in your subject line.

Showcase your certifications:

Add those certifications that add value to your job application. Include those particular certifications that you need for the job. Also, Include your past working experiences, if any.

Include CPA certifications if necessary. Talk about your qualifications that are relevant to the post you are applying for. Or talk about the post explicitly in the subject line.


Check for the errors and typos before sending it. Check for the headers. Leave little or no space. Also, use a divider for segmentation.

Proofread both your subject line and cover letter. Give it a look with fresh eyes. It just might be your first and last impression. So, make it count.


Keeping all the above tips in mind, you can create a savage subject line. It will draw the attention that you deserve. The best way is to put yourself in the hirer’s shoes.

Think from their point of view. Do not show any negativity in the subject line. Keep it as compact as you can. In short, fill it with the most significant information. Also, opt for top-notch resume distribution services to get your resume reached to the right people.

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