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Tips for Stay-at-home moms returning to Work

by Samar Sood
How to get back to work after being a stay-at-home mom

The pandemic has disturbed many people in terms of their working routine. People have been released from their jobs either by the worker’s choice or by the company itself. Hence, many are planning to get back to the working force. Planning to get back to work itself is thrilling and intimidating, especially for stay-at-home moms. A working mom has to face many obstacles if planning to work “again” that too after spending a lot of time with the family and making the house, no wonder they are also called house-makers. But planning to get back into the working force helps the mom to manage the house smoothly. It is certainly not an easy task, but with proper planning, it is possible.

Hence, we have presented you with some steps and tips which help you get back to work after being a stay-at-home mom.


There is a list of works that is available for work. The growing curiosity, excitement, and hearing things like “Stay-at-home mom!” can make you apply for a wrong job that may be unsuccessful and demoralizing. Returning to work itself is a massive step after taking a leave from the working force, but the success rate increases if you plan correctly. Planning means that you should have feasible goals.

It would be best to make achievable goals by being aware of your likes and dislikes, vital areas, and preferences. Only by taking all the mentioned points will you be able to form a feasible goal. This step is essential as it makes you face a lesser number of rejections and gets you less demoralized; fewer failures enable you to try more with the same intensity.

This is essential as, to be honest, the chances of obtaining a job that goes along with your taste and preferences are hard to find due to the competitive nature of the job market. So, failures can burn you out and make you feel to stop this journey. Hence, it is crucial to plan by taking into account the points mentioned above.

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You should be at the tip of your toe, which is possible after continuous practice. The practice includes practicing requires skills that are essential for the job. Make sure that you are comfortable with interviews that aim at your capability of talking about yourself professionally. An interview is a final and vital step, which increases the chance of you returning to work.

It is because of the continuous effort and practice that will help you gain the confidence required for interacting with the employees.

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Many people are just ready to give you advice, but the process they adopted may not be applicable for you.  So, what’s required here is to get good advice. The word “good” is subjective, hence trying to find advice from those facing the same situations, i.e., trying to connect with parents trying to get into the job market. By interacting with them, you will come to know the basic steps required to balance your job and your family side-by-side.

Finding such parents can be challenging, so using social media can be pretty helpful in your search, which helps you connect to them and hopefully get a chance to interact with them. Having a conversation will give positive energy and massive support in your journey.


Now, you are ready and determine to work, but have you thought about your job type?

Also, planning to apply for a job related to what you used to work is a reliable and obvious thing to do, but you would like to do something new, but this too would require some skills. So, the very next question you would like to ask yourself is- “Should I invest my time in learning a new skill?’

These are some of the questions that you should be prepared for, as doing so will help you save time and manage steps to get to your goal with ease. Taking time to understand such obstacles will help you find the best way to make it happen.

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You have formalized everything required starting from the fundamental decision to get into the working force to know what you want to do. Now, what is helpful information that would help you get your desired work? You can acquire such pieces of data based on proper research.

These researches are related to finding proper networks, actual dates regarding interviews, places where you would get enough knowledge to be skillful for the required job, etc.  Your research should start from the straightforward steps till the very end where you have to submit your resume.

Ensure to do enough investigation to know the required details that you need to add to your resume. These things are essential as it helps you advance in the further steps thereby allowing you to connect with the professionals where you can further interact with them and retrieve valuable information regarding job interviews, presentations, and so on.

Furthermore, it helps you to avoid investing your time and money in false jobs and scams. Hence, it is always advisable to do your homework with honesty and proper research, which will help you apply for employment at rigid, legit, and reliable places.


As discussed before, having a good and robust resume will leave a good impression on the interviewers. You will be uploading your resumes to the business official websites and social platforms like Linkedin, so it is essential to build a good CV.

It allows you to introduce the viewers to your skills and familiarize them with the amount of time and effort you have given in the particular area of interest. You can use resume distribution services which helps you to be in touch with the recruiters quickly as it makes them access your name easily.

The combination of these six tips will not only help you get a job but will also provide benefits even after the selection process.

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