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Tips for Building a Remarkable Brand with a Podcast

by Barevalue
Tips for Building a Remarkable Brand with a Podcast

It has been a decade that podcasts came into existence. And since then, podcast listeners and channels have drastically developed. From the earlier part of 2014, it was seen that podcasts were used as a marketing tool that truly pierces into the psyche of the listeners through the intimacy in speaking style. Thus, building a brand through podcasts has a huge viral effect on the brand. It helps in the generation of better leads and traffic to the website.

Time to start

You need to stop thinking and start acting because your competition has already started its podcast and listenership generation. There are thousands of podcasts that are aired daily on the internet, and each of the battles for the top spot.

So, if you want to make a mark in the podcast forum and use it as a marketing tool, then better gear up and accelerate in the race.

Be exceptional

Try researching the competition, and gather ideas from them, gather the knowledge on how they attract the listeners for their sales. You must be able to present a reason for which people will listen to your podcast instead of others. So, you have to do things in the way you persuade them, the topic that you will cover, the messages you will convey, and finally, the personality of the host.

Thus, to build a brand, you have to be unique and have to create a style of your own. Listeners can easily track the personality of the host. If it appeals to them, they will remain glued to the show. So, appealing to the target audience needs the host to have a clear voice and be better at delivering.

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Consider your audience

Any correct marketing strategy starts with the audience. If you want to gain branding with the podcast, you must know the needs and demands of the audience.

You have to know about the interest of a group of listeners correctly. Also, you have to dig out questions that your audience has raised in the community forums, blogs, or through social media comments. Try to start a conversation with them so that they feel that you are close to them.

Be consistent

One should have maintained the Consistency to have a loyal base or followership. Be consistent in posting your podcasts.

Whether it should be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, decide it beforehand, as the audiences are supposed to be alerted on those days. And it will also prove the loyalty base of the podcast.

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Have cool-looking artwork

For building a remarkable brand with a podcast, you must have proper artwork that will recognize your brand.

For using iTunes, your artwork’s size must be 300 x 300 pixels, in either JPG or PNG format. This will leave a lasting impression on people’s psyche.

Prepare a good script

A good guideline or point that you are going to the state will also help you deliver the narration.

Yes, you need to construct things spontaneously but keeping a backup always helps, as you won’t forget a complex name of a brand.

Use tags

Setting up the RSS feed and using tags on submission can rapidly lock the attention of random scrollers and can turn them into subscribers.

Using relevant tags always helps to understand the topic of the podcasts. Tagging provides more information on titles, episodes, keywords, URLs, etc.

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Reach out to other podcasters

Yes, at first may sound weird. But it is needed if you want to gather knowledge, especially when you are new to the framework of podcast marketing.

You need to keep your sharp eyes on the competitors to gather more tips on how to boost your listenership. You can listen to their podcasts to gather more ideas and further amplify them to another level.

Promote your podcast everywhere

Try to promote your podcast on every possible podcasting platform, i.e., in iTunes and Spotify, Blackberry Podcasts, etc.

Apart from that, share your podcasts on major social media platforms from your business website. It becomes more direct and recognizable.

Create your app and collaborate

Create your business application that will have all the new podcasts to download and listen to, also blog posts and other information about the business.

Collaborate with other podcasters so that you can conduct cross-promotions through it.

Interview successful business owners

Sometimes you may run out of content. So, as a savior, you can have a conversation with some eminent people who are related to your business. Holding an interview or having chats in a café or a bar can help you provide newer content to your listeners.

But be sure to have conversational questions so that it is prolonging; otherwise, you might run out of content, and prepare your recording equipment beforehand.

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Be creative

Be creative in everything you do, as other brands are watching you.

So, try to be out of the league. Whether it be in the intro, or the brand’s artwork, or even the website design, try to encapsulate the attention of the public through your creativity.

Use branded short links

Your primary purpose is to promote your brand through podcasting; thus, you need to make a lasting impression on the listener’s mind.

Try to use branded links to your sites, as people tend to remember branded shorter links than the generic ones. This makes the listeners or audience remember the identity of the brand.

Provide value and be remembered

After you have gained enough fanbase, and listenership, don’t get floated over the idea of losing the worth of the podcast. People will demand more, so every brand needs to keep up with their expectations.


If you want to expand your brand’s sales or traffic through hosting podcast shows. Try your best to follow these points. However, always remember to opt for seamless podcast editing before the final release of the podcast episode on your channel.

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