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The Power Of Language: How Words Shape People and Culture?

by Walter Richards
The Power Of Language How Words Shape People and Culture

And this indeed seems real. Since the era of Veda and Upanishad’s to many ancient and modern civilizations, language has played a vital role in expressing the culture, integrity, and solidarity either to build a robust socio-economic setup in a culture or merely for entertainment purposes.

Every culture is known for its linguistic background, and that makes them unique for what they are from other cultures. To understand or probe into one’s culture, one must understand their ancestral history, their founding forefathers and their linguistics, etc., and to become a part of it; one must enjoy the company of the community.

What do we come across when we hear the word ‘Language’?

A script, alphabets, words, communication, and culture. Perhaps we need all these essentials for a language to survive. But more than these elements, we need people who use the language for various purposes like communication, documentation, or to live their day-to-day routines and activities.

There needs to be a strong bond, connection, or integrity between a language and its people. The connection between people and a language should be like a mutual beneficiary relationship, like a crane and a grazing cow. The crane feeds on the insects stuck on the cow’s body, so the crane gets the food and the cow gets its body cleansed.

This connection and integrity, along with a community, give rise to a new culture. And this is how a language can shape people, to come together as one culture, one community, and to stand along with each other in solidarity.

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Have you ever heard the term ‘dead language’?

Yes! It’s not only the living things that die out; there are languages also that have died out—for example, the Latin language. With the fall of the Roman empire in 476 A.D., there were hardly a handful of people left who were communicating in Latin. But, because they had recorded and documented their research, experiments, and outcomes, we still come across many Latin terms in scientific documents.

This also is an excellent example of why a community and a language need to develop deep roots as well as integrity among them for the language and the community to thrive. People are like Oxygen, while language is a heart. The heart doesn’t survive without Oxygen, and hence people are called the lifeline of a language.

Essential Tool For Communication

In this world full of chaos, language becomes an essential tool for communication. But choosing the right words gives clarity of information that a messenger likes to share than the language itself, making the world a less chaotic place. You can use various tools that can help edit your texts.

For example, a politician has to share his thoughts in a more diplomatic language than the general public speaker. By this, the politician can not only sustain peace in their country or administration boundary but also may help in creating allies with other countries.

In a world where miscommunications can happen in a flick of a second, we must think before we speak. This is where the term ‘vocabulary’ comes into the picture.

No matter how good our thoughts are in our minds, we have to use the right words and vocabulary to convey our ideas. And to do so, we need to know the names and their synonyms which make people look and sound professional in what they are trying to achieve.

Some people have achieved success merely because they excelled in the language they spoke. And no one can forget William Shakespeare, an American writer when we talk about people who tasted success through languages. This proves that with proficiency in any language, one can reach greater heights.

Language can also be used for vast purposes like writing proposals in seek of grants, to write stories, articles, scripts, and speeches that can change anyone’s life, etc. Language can also be used as a weapon when(if) in need to give orders and send secret information in codes and creative phrases. Languages have developed business in the entertainment industries to a great extent.

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Through these linguistic boundaries, there are more than a hundred different entertainment industries only based on languages we prefer to speak and deal with things with.

And some sectors and experts have also gone beyond the boundaries solely to come up with and create a new language purely for entertainment, and this is how significant and the essential role a language can play in one’s life or culture.In the modern era of social networks and the internet, we need to be cautious about what terminologies we use and what we speak. Because once we have voiced something, it remains there permanently and that can lead to conflict anytime.

The language that we use can either develop or destroy our personality or our cultural backgrounds, or it can destroy the language itself, and hence languages can either make or break oneself or others.

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