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6 Smart Ways to Save Money on Gift Cards

by Walter Richards

Nowadays, when there are so many gift options available on the internet, a lot of people have started to incline towards gift cards, credits, etc... Gift cards for birthdays, anniversary, and other events are one such thing that cannot go wrong. It gives the receiver an option to buy the things that he/she loves and needs.

Gift cards are also a solution to reduce online fraud cases. The customers cannot return an expired gift card or place an online order with it. They allow you to partially redeem the amount and save the rest of the money for future shopping. Every e-commerce website and grocery stores have started to indulge in the distribution of gift cards and benefits to keep the customers loyal towards them. Apart from that, the financial companies have also begun to lure in customers through different gift card schemes.

Gift cards are a good option, especially for those who are worried about losing their money. They also require a unique code, which is why no other person can benefit from it (in case you lose it). Buy gift cards have come ahead of just being a cash medium. You can earn from them as well.

Gift cards are not that cheap. So, what you need are a few ways to save money on gift cards. Here are the top 6 smart ways in which you can do so:

  1. Earn Cards With Everyday Purchases 

It might not seem real to you, but you can earn gift cards or cash backs with regular purchases. That’s right, starting from utilities to car insurance, you can practically win gift cards for everything nowadays. Once you visit an online website, click on their unique “cashback” link, and see the results for yourself. If you are looking for big payouts, target the big companies first as they have better offers than anyone else. Listed below are a few websites where you can quickly get a chance to win a small amount of your bill back –

  • MyPoints
  • Top Cashback
  • Quidco
  • Ebates

2. Surveys And Easy Tasks 

One of the simplest and quickest ways to earn cashback is by answering simple survey questions. You might be asked to share the responsibility with your friends and family, which can be a little tedious. But for a cashback and gift cards, this is a small price to pay. The only catch is to be careful while signing up on the new websites is to check their authenticity. You can try on sites like Opinion Outpost and Tonula.

3. Keep A Tab Of Receipts 

Whenever you go out for grocery shopping or dinner, click a picture of the same and upload it on an app that gives you rewards in place of the bill. Nowadays, many applications pay you in the form of gift cards when you upload a bill, and the restaurant approves it. This is a fun and speedy way to save some money on gift cards for your future shopping.

4. Earn A Gift Card As A Mysterious Shopper 

A lot of companies are interested in hiring people who would go to stores, click some fantastic photographs and write about the same. These shopping bloggers are allowed to browse through new clothes; they get gift cards for the same. The work is fascinating and rewarding at the same time. This way you can save money on gift cards.

5. Understand The Credit Card Schemes 

Although it is rightly said that credit cards make us land in a never-ending debt world, what if it comes with a lot of fun offers? Many credit card companies have started attracting potential customers with the help of different schemes, especially gift cards. They require you to spend a particular amount on a specific website, after which you get the gift card and an opportunity to pay the amount on whichever product you like in the future.

6. Buy Expensive Gift Cards For A Lesser Amount 

The best way to get a gift card is to pay a smaller amount for it as compared to the face value. This process might seem a little confusing, but it is not. A lot of people who receive card gifts prefer cash and want to get rid of it. This is where the gift card marketplace comes into play. They let you purchase something worth more than the gift card is. The companies earn their profit from the same. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

There are multiple smart ways to save money on gift cards and get the things that you love. All you need to do is think, strategize, and execute the plans. Apart from that, look through different eCommerce websites like eBay and Amazon to earn more rewards and gift card benefits.

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