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20+ SEO Copywriting Tips and Content Hacked Guidelines

by ahmed

Good quality content is currently available for SEO, as well as for traffic. One of your standard content can protect thousands of dollars of paid marketing. So to write content, you have to give the time behind the content.

Copyright: We usually think about writing content for Google. That is, entering the keyword in the context of the keyword.

Your content may appear in the visitor, but if the content is more than the other topics from the original topic, then the visitor will produce results. If the visitor comes to the fore, the bounce rate will increase. As a result, you will decrease from search engine position. You have to keep the above two things in mind. But keep in mind that everything is natural.

Let’s go back to the original words. I will talk about all the things you need to do to make content alive.

Attractive title

Your content will only be read when there is something interesting in your titles. When a visitor searches, different content of the same topic comes in front of him.

If he is attracted to your content title, he will enter your site to read your content. Besides, it is often seen that, if a visitor wants to,

he gets the full content of his content after searching, open up the related content, the title of which attracts him. So the content title is very important.

Use of Numbers

At present, people are attracted to the content that the number is associated with the title of the content. For example, “10 Killer Tips for Content Writing”.

The search engine says if you want to get more clicks with an imprecation, add the number. Because the visitors now read more about the content of the numbers.

Actually, it happens in my own case too. When you search something, first open the contents of the number associated with the number.

So to increase click-thru, you must add numbers. But many people say that if You Use number, then the click goes more and more.

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Headline formula or method

It is very important. Because visitors want to save time by meeting the needs. We make headlines very big. Which does not want a visitor?

So, this old rule has to be advanced. The small headline will mean the entire language of the content. Here you will get 102 title suggestions.

Use sub-title

Attracted the visitor to your content page. But you can read the entire content? Yes, when the visitor enters your website, you will also be able to teach your content to the visitor.

And if not, the bounce will increase. If you have to keep the site for a long time, you have to use sub-head. Use H2, H3 inside the content.

This will make your writing more interesting. When you’re writing a text point, give the points an H2. Visitors can easily understand the language of your writing. And the visitor will be interested in reading your content.

Choose Font

Font Selection is very important for content writing. Because no such font should be selected that the visitor has difficulty in reading.

Keep in mind that the font should not be seen in any way. Take a look at some font downloads here. Which will help to enlarge your content?

Bold and Italic

If some special lines or sentences are bolded, then typing the text does not require one-dimensional. Because the words that are bowled are visible.

And when some mysterious words are bowled, then people will be more attracted to reading that point or the content.

Also, give some sentences italic Then there is a cleanness inside the writing. When a text is well-tuned and nicely presented, people are attracted to reading that text.

Big content

With the thought of the visitor, you need to think about the search engine. And when you type in a topic, you do not want it, but the original title of that topic comes naturally.

So if you make the content bigger then the search engine will give more value to your content, if the engagement is good.

So, writing 1500 plus content, I think it is very convenient for search engines. If you look at SEOMOZ, Quicksrout, And  Technical Squard Blog you can see that every content is written over 1500 plus. For which the related search is in the first place. Without making any kind of SEO.

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Small paragraph

Share each writing in a small para size. By doing this you will not be able to visit the Visitor due to your writing.

Every paragraph contains some sentences that read its contents and reads its contents. Visitors can feel more comfortable reading small paragraphs. Even if the content is big, the visitor is interested to read.

If You visit Most Popular Blog Website oR  My Blog Site You will see that Every Article Paragraph Is Small! Just 2-3 lines!

Photo add

If you have pictures inside the content, infographic charts, 94% view or your content will open.

But keep in mind that if the image or infographic chart is in your content, then it is not copyrighted. Yes, you can take it from any website, but it is a little different from the desktop third-party software that is smaller or larger by yourself.

But keep in mind that Google still has a pixel attack, so be careful with the pixels that are not compatible with the copy picture.


Although the video does not want everyone, it is very effective for search engines. You can increase your engagement even more if you give it a video. Which will increase your sales or conversion rate?


The topic you are typing is not complete. So if you give Relative Resource with your writing, the visitors will be more attracted to your writing. So try the Relative Resource inside the keywords

Writing credentials

Give the author or website a credit to share any kind of information. If not, then the webmaster or writer’s lawyer can send you a letter threatening you.

Even the possibility of eating penalties from search engines. So if you share the information from any author or blog, then give credit. If you do not have to read any kind of inconvenience.

Unique Content

Content must be unique. Otherwise, Google will have to eat penalties. Before publishing content, it is better to check content unique by third-party tools.

Use Content Tools

There are several types of third-party tools for writing content, which will help you to better organize or present your content. Here are some tools that will help you to convert your content to Powerful Content.

Meta Description

Before publishing content, please give a meta description of your content. Enter some of the drawings attracting the visitor with the keywords.

Visitors will be interested in entering your content. But keep the search engine in mind and then do it.

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Always remember your target when writing content. When content gets a professional look, its call-to-action is good. Because it gives high-quality traffic, which helps a lot to make product sales.

So keep in mind that you do not forget to use high-quality keywords. Because you will always find your profile. But it will be found in a natural way.


It is very important. Your content view, bounce rate, likes, shares, and comments will always be supervised by all of them. This will bring you positive or negative aspects.

Increase the rank of a search engine as well. Because of the more engagement you have, the more search engines will give more content to your content.

Use of MS Word

To write content, always choose MS Word. Because MS Word will help you write content. If you ever make a mistake, it will help you to fix it immediately.

Simultaneously, it helps to find different types of sounds of the same word. Therefore, it is very useful to use MS Word for writing content.

Content purchase

It’s okay to think about the content that everyone can write. But those who can not write content, even in your case. They or you want to earn.

But when you need to purchase content. But it is your duty to verify that the content from whom you are taking content is actually giving the content in the right way.

So it is important for you to know these things. So that you can verify your content and your target is met. If you want, you can take content services from here.

Keyword Density

There is a difference between the current content and the content of the search engine, but there is no difference between the content of the previous content.

Today the search engine is not giving much importance to keyword density. So now you have to forget Keyword Density. But if the naturally entered the keyword, then it has priority over the search engine.

So there is no need to enter the keyword by force. The keywords should be optimized within the content but cannot be optimized over.

Long-term keywords

If you decide to work with Long -Tyled keywords, you can optimize it within the content, but it will be the biggest stupid thing.

Because long-term keywords will require a lot of time to rank your content, as well as whether to get the search engine position or not. So you have to select short-length keywords to rank.

When you are in a very good position in the search engine of short-term keywords, the content of your content will increase. And as much of the engagement increases,

the importance of Google will increase in the number of times I mentioned this content inside of it. So when you get priority, you get the rank in the short-key keyword.

Inbound Marketing

Everything is done, but now you need some inbound marketing. Share your content in different types of social networks. In one word, increase the visitor angle to the content.

Which is a very effective method for search engines. Stay with us until there is a big discussion on content marketing.

So much so that we discussed the content of how content can be transformed into SEO friendly and visitor-friendly content. If you can write content,

keep in mind all the above issues, but hopefully the relationship with your visitors and search engines will be very good. Now working on your Wish this greeting by creating the rocking content for your content using the correct method.

Content Hacked

Currently, Google SEO provides more importance to content. That means now the content is called King. I’ve been trying to find out for some time, in reality, everyone else thinks about the current SEO and its issues.

As usual, everyone says the same thing. The same thing that I will say is correct. But I do not give any importance to content in any way. However, we will discuss a lot of these things later.

Since all of the content is now prominent, some hackers have started reading this content. They are hacking these content. What is the content that we know as?

So I will not talk about this issue long. Still, once we say that the content we call him is that we publish the unique writings on our blog. We usually call him the content.

What is Content hacked?

Content hacked into your site without any permission, inserting other content into your text, removing you from Google search, entering malware in content, and distracting visitors.

How the content can be hacked: I will try to explain with some examples of how content can be hacked

  1. Injected content: A hacker gets access to your site and tries to insert malicious content inside the existing page of your site. They mostly push JavaScript directly on the site as an injection. For this reason, the content is called injected content.
  2. Adding added content or content: Whenever security concerns cause hackers to add spam or contaminated content to your site. This usually adds to the new page. These pages are almost exactly understood by search engines. Your current page does not show any symptoms of hacking. However, due to the search of these new pages, your site and visitors become unstable. As a result, your site does not perform well.
  3. Hidden content: Hackers also try to see the current pages of your site properly, so that their targets are met. Their goal is to become difficult for the search engines and your visitors.

The content that is added to your site when you search is a hidden link or content of a page using CSS or HTML. This can cause complex changes like clocks.

I have shown some reason for the reason that your content may be hacked. If your site’s content is hacked, then you can quickly tell Google through your webmaster tool.

If hackers enter malware through any type of injection into your site, then you tell Google in this case. Google will protect you from search results by identifying your site. So that your other users are protected from this attack.

If you are suffering from this kind of infections, follow some tips that will help you do many things.
  • Site Down: Down the site without any kind of delay. This will prevent you from restricting your site to others. Which is very important.
  • Communication: Quickly contact your site’s host. They will take steps to address this problem to you.
  • Password and username: Change all your passwords and username. Such as FTP access, admin panel, content management, system authentication account.

If you get access to your server then Google will show code 503. It will understand that your site is coming back quickly. So that your visitors can see. It is, of course, the offline tech crawl. It’s better to use Robot.txt to deal with it.

If you are down your site Then you need to identify your site caused damage. Below is how to do it.
  • First, you need to go to Google SafeBrowsing. (http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=www.example.com) Your site’s URL must be provided in this site of www.example.com. Google Automated Your Site Current Status will give you information quickly.
  • Scan your computer using up to date scan program. Because a hacker can add harmful code to your computer. If you’re curious about your content scan. Only scan text-based files or image files. Because the image can be embedded inside the malicious code.
  • If you find that your site is infected, then go to your webmaster tool and click Health and then click Malware.

Then sample URLs that were attacked. Then the malware code will be counted.

For some time the hackers add new URLs to the site for dishonest purposes.
  • Use the URL Removal Tool from Webmaster Tools. And to get rid of the request send hacked pages.
  • Then report to Google http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/
  • Then Google asked the webmaster tool to review for your site. Go to Webmaster Tools and click Health and then click Malware. Then click on Request Review.

This way you will save your site from search results and come back in the right way in the search engine. Which can protect your site’s content from major damage?

But one more important thing to remember is that sometimes hackers use other types of methods, but there is a way that can not be understood.

We often see the message for software updates on the computer screen. Or a plugin provides messages for updates. We update it without any verification. Do not do it at all.

You’ll see if I want to update what I want to install. You will then be able to update the software by entering the main site.

Because hackers may hack your site content in different camouflages. Hackers now choose this path more often. For this, always be a little careful about the script.

And after the site is attacked, remove the first scripts. The prevention would be a lot more effective.

This was SEO and content copyright and content hacked guideline. Hopefully, you can write SEO friendly content from now on and protect your content.

If you work according to my guideline.  if your content performs well then it will be my writing’s worth. I’m hopeful about this.

I pray that everyone will stay well and be healthy. You will also pray for me. You will see another writing. Stay up to date Allah Hafiz.

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