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8 Object Require to Know About Augmented Reality

by Sunny chawla
Top 8 Object Require to Know About Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a widespread technology. It was termed in 1990 and has now taken a vital part in a user’s lifestyle.

Today, people are excited in superimposing an artificial image into the real world

The most important reason for augmented reality to be a huge success in today’s world is because the people today are excited in superimposing an artificial image into the real world. This is not only fun but also can be an effective tool in a lot of ways.

This article is about 8 objects that are required to know about Augmented Reality technology:

Augmented Reality has no limitations

There has been no technology we have known in the past that could be limited to just one device or one form.

As we speak about augmented reality, there are a bunch of scientists or researchers trying to find out something new that could change the lifestyle forever.

As of now, consumers are using AR in smartphones, be it social media filters or using Animoji (Animated Emoji) that was introduced by iOS in 2017. However, as the development of technology looks after it, there will be no time when we will be experiencing AR without using smartphones.

It can be reformed into a pair of specs (just like Google Glass) or in the form of a VR headset. This would revolutionize the world as it would not just remain limited to what we see on phone but depend upon what our eyes see.

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Scrutinizing the reality

The most famous game Pokemon Go that allowed the users to be aware of something present near them that they do not really see in their surroundings is one such example that could explain augmented reality very well.

Soon, we will have doctors explaining the microorganisms and their behaviors around us using AR.

Days are near when people do not have to go to the trial room to try out an outfit or to try out your favorite eye-wear using AR ordering it online.

It focuses on simplifying lifestyle and creating a better experience without taking away the feel of the real world.

Children would love to see unicorns running on the street. Isn’t it?

AR cameras would revolutionize

The most famous dog filter of the Snapchat app was a huge hit.

This was obvious since humans are more into imposing the characters into their surroundings using their camera which cannot be seen in reality. Having a dog nose or fire around you as you walk through.

The day is not far when we can actually see what’s inside a museum or a restaurant without even going inside it.

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Collection of Data

AR can be the next big source for data apart from social media. Social media has out information data that we use almost everywhere and for every purpose, be it shopping online or ordering food or using it as a credential to log in to another app.

Our data is up there in the cloud and scattered around almost everywhere. Now, with the advancement of AR, it can also have data from our surroundings.

The most common example of it would be Google Lens. Each pic that is scanned with Google Lens sends some amount of data for them to learn more about it and help us in viewing accurate results.

Augmented reality will serve a huge medical purpose

If we look into the diagnose success reports over since the past few years, we have seen a significant growth in it.

The advancement of technology has not only figured out the cure for it but also known about ways to prevent it. Humans are more persuasive when it comes to something they like to do without knowing if it would harm the well being for oneself or others.

While AR can make them know how their daily activities are affecting their body and what changes are going on inside the body system, they will tend to be more careful of their actions.

Meeting business requirements

Imagine someone trying to help its customer in troubleshooting a device. While in this vast world, everything needs to be done as soon as possible but the services cannot be readily available, AR comes to the rescue.

AR allows support technicians to virtually diagnose the device and come up with solutions and the defect points. This allows the companies to be a part of the customer’s life and helps them throughout.

This can be well understood by Apple’s new ECG feature on the Apple Watch Series 4. While it allows the health to be good, Apple also created a successful business relationship with the users by sticking to them all the time.

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Changing the gaming experience

From the days of Nintendo’s first gaming console to PlayStation or Xbox, we have seen a huge advancement in the gaming experience. PC games have almost been demolished.

With Apple’s much anticipated AR gaming which was launched back in 2017, people are more into the feel of the game rather than the actions of it. It is always about an experience that drives technology and gaming is one vital part of that.

How is VR different from AR

Virtual reality is quite similar to the Augmented reality but definitely not the same.

VR focuses on changing the reality around you and creating a surrounding that is unreal and lets you experience the thrill. It can be a fun roller coaster ride or can be a haunted house.

However, Augmented Reality is about superimposing the virtual objects in real life to create a life-like scenario for fun or for the betterment of living.

One thing every one of us can understand by this is that AR depends upon data. More the data we provide better it would be in making a simpler lifestyle.

While most people can talk about the disadvantages of it, people must be educated to know about what extent technology can provide them with. Keeping a control of our data would help us in keeping in control of any technology we bring into our lives.

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