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Most Asked Questions About Promise Rings

by Aadil Bandi
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A promise ring is among the most popular items at any jewelry store. In fact, promise rings come right after engagement rings in terms of sentimental value. Some people call them commitment rings as if they are shared mostly between two people or are worn as a promise to oneself. While there are many types of promise rings from which to choose, diamond promise rings remain the most common.

The popularity of this type of ring is growing. You might find yourself in need of one. It is thus important to get more insight into them. Whether you are shopping for a promise ring or you are just after information, the following answers to frequently asked questions will go a long way in helping you out:

What is a promise ring?

This is the most common question and in the simplest to understand. A promise ring is a ring exchanged between friends, lovers or family members to show a commitment to a promise. Many people now use these rings as a reminder of their commitment to remain sober while others wear the ring to show a commitment to God. In essence, there are no fixed rules here. As long as the ring serves the purpose of symbolizing a commitment, it is a promise ring.

Where did the promise ring originate?

Like with most forms of jewelry, the promise ring has been around for quite a while. It dates back to Pope Innocent III, who in 1215 gave a mandatory decree requiring couples to have a waiting period between betrothal and their wedding. This meant that couples needed a show of commitment during this period. Today, the ring is considered a precursor to an engagement ring and to the actual wedding.

Is a promise ring the same as an engagement ring?

No. A couple who are seriously in love and who intend to formalize their relationship in the future can exchange a promise ring. On the other hand, they would exchange an engagement ring when they are certain about the status of their relationship and are committed to the wedding only each other. Remember people who are not romantically involved can also exchange promise rings.

Is a promise ring the same as a purity ring?

No. A person who is keen on staying celibate until marriage wears a purity ring. It is a reminder of the vow one has taken and it is supposed to prevent the wearer from abandoning their commitment. On the other hand, people who are very serious about their commitment to a specific promise would wear a promise ring.

Who gives promise rings and why?

There are no rules about who gives this type of ring. Lovers, family or friends can give them and the best part is you can even get one for yourself as well. For instance, if you are recovering from a bad habit such as alcohol addiction and you have vowed never to go back. A promise ring keeps you grounded by always reminding you of the big decision you made in the past. Either partner can give this ring as long as you are in love.

Why is a promise ring so important?

To appreciate why many people wear these rings, you have to consider the symbolic value it carries. If for instance, two people are in love but their current situation cannot allow for a formal engagement, a promise ring works perfectly. It carries a deep meaning of commitment. By wearing it on your finger, you are giving everyone around you a sign of your choice. This ring can also symbolize deep family relations or friendship. It can also symbolize a life-changing promise that a person has made to themselves such as sobriety or other important decisions.

What finger do you wear a promise ring?

Most couples use the wedding finger for a promise ring to symbolize how deep this commitment is. In most cases, the promise ring is worn on a different finger after the wedding. There are no fixed rules stipulating where this ring should be worn. However, most people choose to wear it on the wedding finger due to its significance and as a display of the seriousness of the commitment that they are making.

Is a promise ring meant for women only?

No. Both men and women can wear these rings. This ring is worn to show a commitment to a certain cause that can be love, friendship, family or sobriety. A woman can give their partner this ring and it would still be fine because the idea is to get a promise of a commitment to the relationship. Men can also wear these rings as a sign of friendship, celibacy or a promise that they made to themselves. A man’s promise ring is different from a woman’s ring in size, design, and shape.

Is there an appropriate time for a promise ring?

Young lovers mostly ask this question and the truth is that there is no wrong or right time for a promise ring. The idea behind the ring is to make a lifelong commitment and if you are serious about a relationship, nothing should hold you back. Wearing this ring as a reminder will help you stay on course and avoid making mistakes.

Are there any rules for giving a promise ring?

There are no rules to follow when giving a promise ring. However, it is important to ensure that the other person is on the same page as you are. You do not want to give a promise ring when your partner or friend does not think much about the commitment you are asking them to make.

There are many other questions about promise rings but with these answers, you now have a better understanding of the purpose of this ring. When choosing the right ring, go for something beautiful and yet durable such as diamond promise rings or getnamenecklace rings. These are elegant and reflect the value you are placing on the relationship. Hearts and infinity rings work perfectly for promise rings as they symbolize commitment and eternal love. Go ahead now and get a beautiful promise ring for your lover, friend or even for yourself, and make sure to keep that commitment.

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