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How to Measure and Install Exterior Shutters for Your Home

by carlotabergmann

A house with shutters has a classical and elegant feel. These shutters can be used for both decoration and other functional purposes. This means that the installation of Exterior Shutters must be done in the most professional way if the intentions of installation are to be realized.

Let’s look at why a house or any structure require external shutters:

Protect Your House From Adverse Weather

Shutters provide protection to your window panes and the interior area against damage by adverse weather. This is why shutters are common in areas that experience excess wind as well as hail storms. The material used is usually metal, hardwood or vinyl, among others. Such materials are also designed in a way that they cannot be damaged by fast-moving wind or hails stones. Stormy weather also lifts objects and debris that is likely to break your window panes. With shutters in place, the windows remain intact despite heavy pounding by the stern weather.

Security Purposes

Shutters are made of heavy-duty materials that cannot be easily broken. This provides adequate protection against illegal entry. An intruder who finds shutters at your window will hesitate to break because of the noise or hustle it takes to break into the house. They, therefore, keep your house adequately protected against intrusion. Vinyl and other synthetic materials might not be strong enough to prevent intruders from accessing your premises.


Shutters give your house a classical feel and appearance. Other than gaping holes on windows, complementary colors and designs are chosen to add aesthetic value to your property. This will add to the value of your property when it is time to sell or let.

Concealing Interior Space

Shutters provide a solid cover for windows and other openings around the house. This means that direct sun rays cannot penetrate into the house and damage surfaces like carpets or floors. It also prevents surveillance of interior space through glass or hollow openings. You will still enjoy free flow of air despite the openings being sealed using solid shutters. The surface is serrated, leaving openings for free flow of air.

These needs can only be met when you choose the right size of window shutters. For instance, if the shutter does not fill the window opening, debris during a storm can still damage your windows. When it is too large, it will stop your windows from opening properly.

Why You Need the Right Size of Shutters

Shutters are designed to be proportional to the area where they are installed. The reasoning behind measuring the size is to ensure that the shutters fit properly. But why the fuss about fitting the shutters on windows or the openings they are installed?

Aesthetic Purposes

shutters that overrun the frame or are too small for the window will affect the overall beauty of your property. In fact, the design of shutters should compliment that of the entire house. This is the only way to maintain the beauty of your property yet tap into the benefits of shutters.

Proper Functionality

shutters protect your window panes and interior from damage during a storm or windy weather. If some areas are left exposed, the stormy wind will still damage the window panes. Further, shutters should not prevent you from opening your windows. Failing to get the right size means that the proper functioning of your window and frame will be compromised.

Prevent Waste of Resources

It is a waste of resources to have larger or smaller shutters that do not serve their intended purpose. The shutters become redundant despite spending resources in their installation.

Only by measuring the size of shutters can you ensure that they serve the intended purpose. Here are important considerations to ensure that you get the right size that makes installation easy and worthwhile.

Use Standard Measuring Units

Distances, lengths, and widths can be measured using several units. They include meters, centimeters, inches, fetes and even millimeters. Identify the most appropriate measurement units to use and ensure that they are used consistently. If your measurements are taken in inches, this should be recorded and the same information passed on to the installation technician. Any confusion or interchanging of measurements will mean that the shutters will not fit.

The Frame Must Be Considered

Shutters are installed over the frame. An allowance must be provided for your window to open. This is why a professional shutter installation technician should be involved. Even when reinforcing the shutter on the frame, you are not required to consider the entire window opening depending on how you lock the shutters. The opening mechanism of the window will determine the allowance left for your window to open.

Take The Height

Shutters are mainly rectangular in shape or have a rectangular section. This means that you have to deal with a height for your shutters. The height of the shutter will always be longer than that of your window. This is meant to provide an allowance for the window to open. A professional installation technician will determine the allowance to be left between the window and frame.

Consider the Width

The width is the horizontal dimension of your shutter. The measurements should be taken in relation to those of the window. An installation contractor will ensure that an allowance is provided for the efficient opening of the window. The width of the shutter is always slightly longer than that of your window.

Remember the Arch

This is determined by the design of your windows. Windows with arcs require meticulous and highly professional measurement taking. The radius and circumference must be accurate to preserve the aesthetics by ensuring that the shutters fit. The poor taking of measurements will compromise the quality of shutters that will be fabricated.

What Of The Design

Most of the shutters are rectangular or square in shape. There are instances where you find abnormally shaped windows and thus must fabricate shutters of a similar shape. Amateur measurements are likely to cause confusion during fabrication and even affect the suitability of such shutters. Allow a professional to take measurements as well as install these shutters to ensure that they perform as expected. Other shutters are sliced into smaller parts to ensure that they do not block paths or prove difficult to open. This increases the number of dimensions you have to provide when taking your measurements. Specially designed shutters will also demand a skilled and experienced installation specialist.

Give Allowances

Provide allowances for hinges and opening during measurement and installation. The allowance makes it efficient to open the shutters as well as perform other activities around your window. Hinges and the allowance left to facilitate opening will depend on the installation requirements. An expert will provide necessary guidance to avoid hitches.

Engage a Professional

The delicate process of measuring might prove too much for an amateur. Installation is also likely to challenge an amateur. Allow a professional shutter installation expert to handle the work. Such a contractor has the experience to even ensure that the allowances left are reasonable. The chances of mistakes when dealing with an experienced professional are significantly reduced.

Measurement and installation of exterior shutters will determine how well they serve you. Engage a professional contractor who understands how to take measurements and install in order to avoid costly mistakes. Overlooking any measurement or poor installation will lead to a disappointing user experience that may expose your property and belongings inside the house to weather damage, intruders or poor functioning of your window.


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