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How To Maximize Impact Of Inbound Marketing Strategies Through A / B Testing

by Aadil Bandi
How To Maximize Impact Of Inbound Marketing Strategies Through A - B Testing - BETA COMPRESSION

Implementing an effective inbound marketing strategy requires a lot of rigor and preparation. There’s a lot to do with creating content, implementing Call-To-Action and landing pages, writing newsletters and managing your presence on social media. In the heat of the moment, your choices and decisions will usually be motivated by your reading of the situation, your previous professional experience, and your instinct.

You do not have time to test each of your actions, measure results and make assumptions. By doing so, you could motivate each of your decisions with quantified, tested and evaluated data, and thus significantly improve the performance of your overall inbound marketing strategy.

Optimize What Works, Eliminate What Does Not Work

The A / B (or A / B testing ) test is a test method that allows you to compare marketing variables among themselves to identify which offers better results in a particular context or audience. You simultaneously run multiple experiments on 2 or more pages to understand which items received the most positive feedback on the test sample. You can then reuse these elements that convert best into other marketing actions to optimize your digital strategy.

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Note that despite its name, an A / B test can be conducted on as many pages as desired.

A / B Tests, A Very Inbound Marketing Technique

One of the goals of inbound marketing is to optimize its marketing actions to generate more visits, more leads and, ultimately, more customers. In this small game, A / B tests are a significant ally. But on which elements to carry out these experiments?

In fact, you can conduct A / B tests on all elements of your Inbound marketing strategy that are intended to interact with the user, whether it be your website, content of your articles, emails Or landing pages. By making minor changes to each of these elements, you can get shocking results!

Let’s see how to test and optimize the different elements of your inbound marketing strategy:

1) An A / B Test On A Landing Page

The nature of the offer: Which offers are of greatest interest to your customers? An eBook or a webinar? See which of the two converts the most leads to optimize your process.

Copy: What information to include on your landing page? Should you reposition your offer? What are the benefits? Add a testimonial? Imagine several types of copies describing your offer in different ways.

The form: Is not it too much time? Too fastidious to fill? Wrong location? Evaluate the response of your future leads to the information you ask.

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Location: Should it be placed at the beginning of playback or the end? In the sidebar or header? There is no universal truth about this; only a few tests will reveal what works best;

Color: They can significantly improve the click rate. Should you use colors that attract attention? Or rather colors that blend with your general graphic chart?

Text: Sometimes a word added or removed can make a big difference. What will encourage more clicks: “download our EBook “or” free eBook”?


 The subject of the email: Which sentence will attract the attention of your readers and sharpen their curiosity? Vary your grip regarding length, format or use of specific words;

When is the best time to send your emails? Morning or evening? Weekdays or weekends? How long after your lead has been converted does it have to send him an email?

Sender: Is it better to personalize your email by entering the names of your employees or simply the name of your company? Or maybe both?

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Some Platforms Specialized In A / B Tests

• Google Analytics
• Unbounce
• Optimizely
• Visual Website Optimizer

The A / B tests offer a unique opportunity to make all your inbound marketing activities more efficient. By regularly conducting small field tests and measuring the observed results, you will be able to compile a database gradually so that you can better anticipate the behaviors of your consumers and maximize your ROI.

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