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10 Obvious Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

by Aadil Bandi
make money with blog

If you don’t like to stick at the office and writing excites you, probably you will be interested to find out that you can get paid for doing something you love.

Having a blog will reveal so many opportunities: it will develop you as a writer, will be a reason to make new connections with people and will give you a chance to build your own business. The first few months of blogging are really difficult and there are no get-rich-quick schemes. But the fact is, blogging can be one of your passive income streams if you take it seriously!

If you dream of turning your hobby into a profit, here are 10 ways to make money with your blog.

❗SIDE NOTE: The purpose of this is article is not “how to get insanely rich.” There is no quick way to the success when it comes blogging. But if you put all the necessary effort and time, your hard work will pay off at the end.

Google Adsense


google adsense

When you use Google Adsense, the program will display ads, which are targeted to your content or your audience. If you find any of them not relevant to your blog, you can quickly remove it. Also, you can choose the design of the ads, which will be shown on your blog. You get paid every time a user clicks on your ads (Cost-per-Click model)

How to install Google Adsense on your blog:

❗Note that it might take 48 hours or more to be reviewed by Google

  • Then sign in to your blog account
  • Click on the “Earning” settings on your blog
  • Link the AdSense account and the blog account
  • Click on “Adsense” and choose where you want to display your ads. They can be shown in: between posts, gadgets or in both places
  • Open your blog Layout; there you will find a field called “Gadgets.”
  • Click on the “Gadgets” and add Adsense gadget, when you are done, the gadget will be displayed on your template
  • You can find the most convenient place for the ads on your blog by dragging them.

Pros of using Google Adsense

  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to navigate
  • Offers support forum
  • Does not require any investment
  • Provides relevance to your content
  • Includes statics

Cons of using Google Adsense

  • you can’t generate huge income from it
  • each ad cost differently

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Sell Ads Directly

Google Adsense can be a great option when you are a beginner. Once your blog gets known you might consider stop using Google Adsense and sell your ads space directly. You will be free to negotiate the price and terms, which can help you earn a more significant profit.

sell ads directly

Pros of sell ads directly

  • Flexibility
  • Constant profit
  • Full control of the ads shown on your blog

Cons of sell ads directly

  • time-consuming you will have to find clients on your own
  • you will have to keep track of your statistic

Get Paid to Write Reviews

An efficient way to make a passive income. How does it work? A company gives you a product, which you try out (free of charge) and then pays you for writing a review. Make sure you choose to review products that are relevant to your audience.

Pros of writing paid reviews

  • Passive income
  • Will help you get better at writing product reviews

Cons of writing paid reviews

  • some companies might never pay you, so make sure the company is legible before you start writing for them.

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Create Paid Membership area

Imagine your blog is successful and your worldwide fans are impatient to read your next post. While you enjoy your fame, you should consider your next step wisely. A significant benefit from this situation will be creating a paid memberships area for your dedicated followers. Spoil them with some extra content such as exclusive articles, videos, webinars, online mini-courses, tutorials, and interviews.

Pros of a paid membership area

  • easy to set up (there are many available plugins that you can install)
  • easy to maintain
  • consistent income

Cons of a paid membership area

  • you should create content, which will intrigue your followers.
  • you will have to spend extra time and effort

Amazon Associates

another great program, which can increase your side income is Amazon Associates. The process is similar to getting paid for reviews. You write an article (review) about a product, and then you place a link from Amazon Associates. Every Time someone buys an item, using the link from your post, you get a referral fee.

How to install Amazon Associates:

  • Get an account from this link
  • In the search field type the product you are reviewing
  • Once you find it, click on “Get Link” located on the toolbar
  • Place the link on your product review

Pros of Amazon Associates

  • User-friendly
  • Does not require any investment
  • Provides statistic

Cons of Amazon Associates

  • you can’t affect pricing
  • there is a big competition

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Affiliate Marketing for Digital Products

Similar to Google Associate there are many platforms, which are offering the same service. Note that you get a higher profit when users buy from affiliate links for digital products, not for physical ones. Suggestion for affiliate marketing programs: ClickBank, AvantLink, ShareASale, and Flex offers.

Find Freelancing Works

If you are a blogger then chances are that you are pretty good at writing. Check out websites like Upwork.com, Freelancer.com or Fiverr to pick up some casual writing gigs. You can make decent money while practicing your craft, here are some websites where you can easily find such gigs:


  • Upwork: Upwork is a place where many freelancers find their projects. Having a high profile is a key to success when you are using this website. Your blog will stand out for your skills as a writer, and you can quickly build trust in your client with it. Another important thing to note is the skill tests, which the platform offers. Take as much as you can to prove what you are cable of.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr, is a global marketplace offering tasks and services online. Entrepreneurs and freelancers can use Fiverr to monetize their skills, talents, and resources. Customers in need of service can find and commission that service directly through the site.
  • Gigbucks: Gigbucks offers a free and easy to use platform for freelancers and talented people from all walks of life to offer their services priced from $5 to $50 buck per gig. What do you have that someone might be willing to pay up to 50 bucks for?
  • TaskArmy: Task Army is simply the best way to outsource skilled tasks online. You’ll get the work done without the hassle of the traditional outsourcing marketplaces. Or if you have special skills, especially geared toward internet marketing. You can also get paid to do task starting today.


  • easy to use
  • does not require any investments
  • can help you build a long-term relationship with clients


  • high fees

Create and Sell Online Courses

if there is a skill you would like to share with the world, and you are good at teaching, you might consider creating an online course. Plan the outline of the course, make it attractive, provide checklists and slides. Once you are done, you can upload your course using learning management system plugin.

Pros of selling online courses

  • a minimum set up costs (all you need is a good camera and computer)
  • high demand for online courses

Cons of selling online courses

  • you must be good at teaching
  • video editing skills might be required

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Build A Direct Sales Funnel To A Product

This more advanced method can yield results in a very quick timeframe. Essentially you pick a product that you love (it has to be in your niche), and then you mention it in massive, in-depth articles that really help people. You then promote those articles in guest posts and with other methods.

Become a Coach

One of the trendiest jobs recently is being a personal coach. What should you be coaching about? Anything you are good at it – writing, blogging or any other skill of yours. You can advertise yourself by displaying ads on your blog, and you can even place a time slot, so potential clients will know when you will be available.


  • you will meet new opportunities
  • you can build a long-term relationship with clients
  • high income
  • you can coach individuals or groups


  • you must have excellent communication skills
  • it is time-consuming
  • you need to patient and understandable

Start Your Own Consulting Business

There is a difference between being a coach and business consultant, while the coach offers a service, the business consultants provide to their clients a strategy or advice. Business consultants help other companies to improve their weakest spots. At the beginning you can advertise yourself through your blog, then you can use other platforms.

Pros of starting your own consulting business

  • good income
  • there is no need for a specific degree

Cons of starting your own consulting business

  • you must be good at solving problems
  • achieving client goals might put pressure on you

Making money with a blog takes time and a lot of planning. Success comes to people who love what they are doing and work hard to fulfill their dreams. If writing is what makes you smile, don’t waste another day, start your blog and show your passion to the world. To learn more about these strategies you can do further research on them.

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