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11 Logo Design Tips from Branding Experts

by hermitc
11 Logo Design Tips from Branding Experts - Beta Compression

Suppose a company is set up and it has all the essential elements to start a business. But still, it is unable to attract audiences. This is primarily because it is missing out on something. Yes, it’s the logo- the main element to create a visual identity of the company to attract business.

Logo making might have been started by the Egyptians who used hieroglyphs to signify their ownership of their brands of domestic animals. A simple logo with its delicate design has the power to narrate the story of a company. It represents the company, embodies its values and beliefs which holds strong the foundation of the company. Hence Logo is rightly called the face of a company.

No matter how much impressive the logo is it fails to serve the purpose if it does not hold a recall value for the audience to remember it. For example, the ‘T’ of Tata Group is enough to tell about its years of hard work to bring forward the company and establish its business on strong roots. It in itself conveys the taste of the company, its ideals, and values.

Companies spend millions of dollars on different Logo Design Agencies who specialize in creating correct logos for different companies. The members of the agency sit together to research the company, the current design trends and on the target audiences’ taste for designing the logo. Following are some tips which a designer should keep in mind while creating a logo.

11 Logo Design Tips from Branding Experts:

Making simple designs and not intricate ones

For polo shirts, Banner Ads, it is better to use block letters with simple colors. Too much detail, overworking on the design, giving gradient, shadow, glow, etc. will do nothing but make the logo blurry losing its impact. The main aim is to make the logo memorable and attractive. The simpler the logo the better. Special attention should be paid to color choices. Choosing a unique color can make the brand stand out.

Authenticity is the key to success.

The logo has to be created in a way that it will portray the company. A company creates a logo and not vice-versa. Therefore the company has to be authentic about its products and services. A logo does represent a company but it is the company’s good name that leads it on.

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Adding unique typography

Setting unique typeface for the logo will give a professional touch to the logo and make it more memorable.

The logo should align with the brand promises

The logo should not be irrelevant to the company. It should deliver the promises of the brand. The promise should translate to the audience by the logo.

Vector format might be used for designing the logo

Using the vector format will help in resizing the design of the logo. Starting from the beginning, the scale has to be checked throughout thoroughly as the logo will appear everywhere starting from the business card to Billboard to represent the Company.

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The logo has to be a simple symbol which can work at a small scale

The logo needs to be a simple symbol which can go well easily on social media and be web-friendly. The best ones work even on a small scale. It would be small, neat and clean, yet recognizable and would contain a powerful impact.

Researching well about the Company before creating the logo

One has to research well about the company, about its character traits, the positioning, values, etc. that the company wants to convey to the audience. Knowledge of these will be helpful in setting the style, pattern, color, and design of the logo.

Selecting the Target audience

First of all the designer has to know for whom the company is for. This will be beneficial for connecting the brand with the correct audience. The tone, message, and channel of the logo should be attuned with the traits of the target market. Instead of bothering only about the personal style the designer has to keep in mind the people the brand is trying to attract and design accordingly.

Design your logo for term

A logo has to be made keeping the future and longevity in mind. It is not for the time being but for a long way to go. A lot of money, time and efforts are involved in the logo design so one should try keeping it for a longer time

Keep a check on your competition

The major thing which a Logo designer has to worry about is its competition. Always know about what your competitors are doing and what are their new strategies? Every rule and tips that one company is following to create a logo is already seen and used by many before A lot of money, research, time is involved in designing a captivating logo. Every of your competitor might be a way ahead of you. Watch your competitors and try to learn from them. Many times businesses spend a lot of money on designing a logo but they land up in a result which is already in the market. So before designing, do a lot of research on whether the fonts, colors, images have already been used or not.

Look at different possible applications

What might look good on the digital platform might not suit wearables, business cards and so on. Therefore it would be prudent to look into the different applications where the logo might be used and talk with experts. The logo has to work in all situations. Thus it should be designed accordingly.

The most essential thing to remember about logo designs is to make the logo memorable and timeless. As the company starts to grow, the brand name would expand and become crucial for the business. The brand has to be such that it tells the story of the company, clearly and concisely. It should have the aura of the company it represents. Hence after maintaining all the important elements of business, the Logo Design Agency has to sit and design the logo so that it stands out from the rest and stays memorable forever.

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