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7 SEO Trends You Should Know in 2019

by Justin Kemp
7 SEO Trends You Should Know in 2019

It’s 2019 and that means CHANGE.

We know all about change, don’t we? No matter what we do, we cannot change ‘change’.

But we can surely be associated with it so that we don’t get washed out with time.

The above-mentioned philosophy works great and accurate (and quite naturally though) with the modern trends in the fields of Internet marketing. The more change comes in, the more the aspects of digital marketing faces a reformation and, of course, a challenge!

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO falls under digital marketing. Being a major thing to make the business be visible (effectively) in the digital world, SEO has been a chief concern to business owners.

However, the constantly evolving technology and the ‘fierce’ level of new requirements from the commercial field do push your SEO to a bit of competition.

But you can win this competition…

only if you pay attention to the current SEO trends that are there in the market in 2019. Let’s read on to find out.

Voice Command ‘Commands’

There are a number of AIs that are there to take vocal commands and serve the consumers in terms of searching their desired keyword or key phrase.

Since it needs much less effort than typing, a lot of people turn towards it for what they need.

By the year, 2020, almost half of the traffic from online searches would be generated from voice commands.

Due to the presence of Cortana, Siri, Alexa or the Google Assistant, people are much okay with voice searches that brings to them the search results must effortlessly and quickly.

So, you need to update your SEO works, associating it with the voice command.

Try to use long tail keywords or key phrases for this purpose. Select the ones that people are familiar with in a communicative context.

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The ‘Mobile Way’

People search by their mobile devices much more than in desktops and laptops.

By 2018, Google had launched what is known as a mobile-first index. It means it will index the mobile version of your website to the searches made in Smartphones Tablets and other mobile devices.

But what if your business doesn’t have a mobile friendly site?

What if you don’t know much on mobile SEO?

Well, that’s the trend in 2019.

To stay ahead, all you need to do is to upgrade your SEO strategy to mobile SEO strategy.

Oh yes, …make a mobile version of your website and content.

Video Optimization

It is again being estimated that 75% of online Internet traffic will be composed of videos by 2020.

It has already been a 2019 trend for SEO. Companies are making videos on their services and products to optimize overall content.

In this way, the content reaches both variety and quantity.

As a result, the website gets optimized well and the business gets a very good rank in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

You’d better give it a thought soon!

Speaking of Content

SEO in 2019 is a tough thing!


It brings you challenges and changes at the same time. There is the problem of the rapid algorithm change.

Coupled with this issue, you may again get troubles to rank your website when you have got too many competitor websites with newer SEO tactics.

You already have got a simple solution.

Just make your content much more relevant to the services and products. Added to that, make all sorts of content like videos, podcasts, infographics.

Yes, you need a good deal of written content as well.

But, don’t just stick to it.

After all, that’s the trend.

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Well, data protection is a must, don’t you think?

In all ways, the year 2019 may bring a host of increased third parties.

Now, that may mean a serious trouble to all of that data in your website as well as the content you have uploaded.

Yes, it may not sound like a trend. But the thing is it is better to double up the data protection mode of your business especially when the online world is always awake.

A Friendlier User Experience

This factor goes for both the desktop and the mobile version of your content and website.

People need something smooth and effective while they search for information and navigate through online pages. For a thing like your website (or content), they need an experience that is friendlier to them than other websites. They need to be engaged in the content you have made for them. They are to be directed in their purposes as well.

All of it must be done with the help of your website’s interface…

and that counts to Google Analytics, which ranks the website at the first due to its commendable UI quality.

2019 has already seen more functional and effective User Interface Designs (UI Designs) that boost up the SEO in a conclusive way.

Start doing that for your business too!

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Professional Support

While many argue over the fact that content marketing and Internet visibility can be done by some self-earned knowledge, the truth is businesses need some pro guidance.

2019 is a year that is full of challenges and digital marketing isn’t outside the realm of this competition.

The best thing to do is to make sure you have got some pro assistance from a reputed organization, where you would find dedicated teams of SEO professionals making their moves only to help you gain the visibility and fulfilment you want out of your business.

Many renowned companies are doing that.

Why wouldn’t you do so for the sake of your own professional benefits? It’s a trend though!

What Do You Think?

A new year means new SEO aspects that may be a bit tough to tackle.

But, with good efforts and constant alertness, you’ll be able to fight it.

Just stick to pro help and keep up being innovative.

After all, you need a good deal of creativity to win over your consumer’s heart over the Internet and that too against so many competitors.

You’ve already known a few of 2019 SEO trends from this blog.

Now, check if your business is implementing them or not.

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