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4 Killer Ways Marketer Can Integrate Instagram into Marketing Strategy

by mandy bular
4 Killer Ways Marketer Can Integrate Instagram into Marketing Strategy

Social media is a key component in running the daily activities of your brand. Research has shown that brands with social media profiles have better sales rates than those without, especially for start-up businesses. One such social network is Instagram. You can integrate Instagram into marketing strategy in many ways. Let’s go through some of them.

Let’s go through how to integrate Instagram into marketing strategy.

  • Understand your Network

4 Killer Ways Marketer Can Integrate Instagram into Marketing Strategy - know your audiences

It is important that you understand how Instagram works in order for you to be able to make a wise decision on how to incorporate Instagram into a marketing strategy. In this case, you need to know how to do the simple task of setting up your brand’s profile. It is important to enter all relevant details such as location, contact details, and a brief explanation of your brand on the profile.

Such details will serve to inform the public of your brand’s details. The other aspect here is the need to post catchy posts aimed at attracting traffic to your profile that can see you make more sales. You may need to use filters from time to time to give different moods to your audience.

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  • Choose the ideal medium

This will depend mainly on what you want to pass across. Depending on this, you may choose to use one of the various available aspects of marketing that are available at your disposal. Images can be used to simply inform your audience about a product and its cost.

Such a post should definitely be captivating to draw the attention of people. Always ensure that the message on a photo is simple and clear. Such incentives as Likes4Likes for photos can go a long way in spreading your message to many users.

You can also use videos. Be it permanently posted ones or the disappearing ones, videos can be used to demonstrate the mechanics of your product. You can also use videos to convey a message that cannot be captured in a photo or that would be too long for a caption.

  • Incorporate other social media platforms

4 Killer Ways Marketer Can Integrate Instagram into Marketing Strategy - Social media marketing

While you may find Instagram to be efficient in conveying messages across to your audience, it may be necessary for you to incorporate other social media networks to ensure you have a wide audience.

By linking your Instagram account to Facebook and Twitter, you ensure that the link to your post is shared on other social sites. This will be pivotal in drawing more traffic to your account, hence giving your posts a wider audience and consequently increasing your sales.

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  • Consistency is key

consistency is the key -4 Killer Ways Marketer Can Integrate Instagram into Marketing Strategy

Your online activity should be to ensure that your audience is always informed of new merchandise and promotional offers. An active Instagram account tends to draw more followers, leading to a wider audience to which you can market. This will ensure your message reaches very many people, leading to better sales.


In the current market, the need for social media integration into marketing is very necessary. Instagram provides you with a good audience to market your brand. Try this amazing platform and see your sales skyrocket.


Walter Moore is a social media marketing consultant. He writes extensively on common issues faced by small businesses, You can read his blogs to learn more about receiving free Instagram likes. He can help your business get targeted leads.

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