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Inbound Marketing and SEO – What’s The Difference

by Aadil Bandi
Inbound Marketing and SEO - What's The Difference

Everything you do to fine tune your Inbound Marketing matters and has an effect on your brand’s reputation and there are some things you should know before signing on the dotted line.

Question to Ask Before Start Inbound Marketing

  • Have you heard the word “backlinks” a million times from your SEO company?
  • Read countless posts and articles on the subject of SEO Techniques?
  • Heard about automation software and mystical places that sell crafty ways to obtain quick and free ranking, fans and followers?
  • Spent countless hours and tons of money creating a variety of on-site and off-site page techniques?
  • Considered stepping into the realm of the dark side just to get an edge on your competitors?
  • Paying for tons of content and commenting but never see it?

Sound familiar?

By now, you are probably pulling your hair out of your head because you can’t get why after spending so much energy, time and money on this thing called inbound marketing and/or SEO and yet you are seeing no major difference.

This is what I refer to as the online marketing black train.

No one quite knows where it goes, or what it is called, but everyone jumps on it without knowing where it will lead. The only real place this train seems to be headed is into “The land of duplicate and low-quality content” because in order to process that much content you would need to do some serious article writing, spinning or have a huge budget like McDonald Corp.

So just how does a small business compete with the big fish without Google gobbling you up?

The simple fact is, although back-links do matter, they are not the end all and be all solution. This is a major misconception that many people have.

It is the thinking that needs to be modified and not really the techniques.

To be honest, I am not certain if this misconception is the result of the misinformation that exists on the web today or simply because brands have been brainwashed by marketing schemes.

In either case, there are effective techniques that deliver better results and you do not have to be a marketing guru to implement them, simple logic and patience are all you need.

What if I told you that you can still get to the first page of the search engines without having a gazillion backlinks? Would you believe me? Many people would not, they have been conditioned to believe it is not possible.

I recently worked on a client’s website who only had 9 backlinks, all of the major competitive keywords ranking at 1, 3, 5, 10 and 19 respectively, a great presence on the Internet, excellent branding, relevant and updated content with tons of videos, images, and interaction. Her topic? Nuts and Bolts.

Her daily traffic of new users reaches well over 5000. Your marketing should be answering the question how a small nuts and bolts distributor in the middle of know where is doing so well and not how Coca-Cola does. You can never be coke, but you can be nutty bolts! Perspective matters.

Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • How many new daily users does your brand have? Do you even know?
  • Where do these users come from?
  • What devices are they using and what are they clicking on?
  • Do you know what these metrics mean for your brand and website?
  • How transparent is your marketing?
  • How many leads are you’re capturing?
  • How much are your engagements actually costing you? Is it more than your product?
  • How relevant is your content and blog to your industry?
  • Is your website cutting it?

Not liking the answers? It is time to rethink things!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. – Albert Einstein.

Simple relevant content, some due diligence, a great website and brand presence has made the difference for this client and it can for you too, if you simply look for the right solutions.

When it comes to the formulas and figures, marketing experts cannot even agree, so why do numbers matter? They don’t.

The Inbound Methodology for building an authority website

  • Your website needs a variety of fresh SEO optimized relevant content – at least once a day. One high-quality blog and a few article submissions on other relevant websites are all it takes.
  • If you have older blogs, retarget them. Change the date, retarget and rewrite them with some fresh new eyes, new words and a new attitude.
  • You need to have a number of social profiles – FaceBook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social platforms to post this content too.
  • Get your brand’s name out there.
  • Spend at least 90 minutes per day just letting people know you’re out there and engage with them. Even if you have someone working for you, it is best to do this yourself from time to time.
  • Optimize your website for on-page SEO.
  • Show yourself as an authority on the subject, make your website relevant to the topic that it covers.
  • Creating interesting content that helps your buyer’s along the journey from simply getting to know you to becoming a believer in you.
  • Remove 401 pages, never use duplicate content and use up to date keywords.
  • Things change with the language and new trends, always be on top of that.

how much content to post?

My personal belief is that the numbers do not matter, so much as the thinking behind the content.

Marketing is about logic, if one thing does not work for your site, try another formula until you come up with one that works for you. I hear many experts say, “It takes months to get to the point where Google recognizes your website.”

That may be true, but there’s no rule that disallows you to help it along the way. There are many secrets to behold in the magical world of SEO, but it does not mean that the people holding the key should be the only ones who have access to the front door.

Look for good reviews on topics and do tons of research before buying into the next “instant solution.” They never work!

Visit forums and groups that experts hang out in and use your common sense and logic when hiring an expert. Remember you get what you pay for and not everyone who is providing services is doing it to build longtime customers, some are just doing it for a quick buck and they do not care about how that affects the future of your brand.

Keep reading our blog. I promise you that we will do what is necessary to find the answers and solutions to make your website the best it can, but do not ever expect me to offer quick fixes or magical solutions, those are the guys that go out of business every day and change strategies every few months. We have been here for many years providing the very same pure old fashioned smart inbound marketing, hard work and know how.

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