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Importance Of User-Generated Content In Digital Marketing

by Carol Sobers

These days on social media, anywhere and everywhere you go, you find one thing is common- People are sharing, now more than ever.

So, what has changed?

Nothing actually! It is actually the user-generated content that is trending.

It has assumed great significance such that it won’t be a smart choice for a marketer to ignore it. Content marketing is having a golden period. User-generated content marketing is the diamond which can skyrocket your branding and marketing efforts. So today we have compiled a few reasons why you should use “user-generated content” on your website, e-commerce platform or any event, conference or meeting you are planning!

This article discusses the importance of user-generated content in the digital marketing field, let’s find out…

It’s Genuine, Original, And Trustworthy

User-generated content is something you don’t pay for. It’s original. It is available on social media platforms freely waiting to be used by you. It is created by users wilfully.

Also, users trust users, not the sales persons you hire to sell your products. So, when user-generated content comes directly from the users themselves, it increases customer trust in your brand.UGC is the best possible way to increase brand trust and loyalty among your prospective audience.

Enhances Audience Reach And Engagement

As already discussed, users trust users. So, when some users post some content regarding your brand online, then his/her peers, friends, and relatives also come across it. This helps you increase your audience reach even beyond your target audience.

Also, user-generated content encourages other users to post similar content online. This, in turn, increases audience engagement with the brand.

Advocates For Your Brand

User-generated content gives you the superpower to make your customers advocates of your brand. By posting images and videos of their experience with your brand products and services, they are making a pitch for the quality of your products and services.

Displaying user-generated content for your events or on your official websites helps you to initiate a word of mouth sharing further creating more preachers of your brand.

Helps You Build A Community

Displaying user-generated content for your brand helps you connect the users who are using your products and services and helps them connect.

This creates a sense of community. When a new aspiring user arrives and sees a whole community of people enjoying your products and services then it instils a sense of trust in the brand and adds to its credibility.

Drives Sales And Conversion Rates

If you own an e-commerce website, then displaying user-generated content helps you bring the point of sale closer to the point of inspiration. This helps your customers make the final purchasing decision.

This helps you convert aspiring customers into existing customers. It, in turn, helps to escalate your conversion rates and drive sales growing your e-commerce business overall.

How to Use User-Generated Content on Website

Using user-generated content on the website is really easy these days, social media aggregator tools make it really easy and convenient to embed user-generated content about your brand or product on your website or event screens.

Social aggregators like an Instagram aggregator, facebook aggregators, LinkedIn aggregators, hashtag aggregators or all in one social media content aggregators fetch all the content from different social media channels, then let you curate it and provide you with amazing interfaces to display all of this data on your website or event screens.

Exploring Dimensions of Integrating UGC as a Marketing Strategy

Every 9 out of 10 customers admit the fact that while deciding to purchase a product or avail a service, what manipulates their decision the most are the reviews provided by other customers about that brand. That is why it has always been believed that word of mouth is and will always be the most impeccable mode of marketing.

Nowadays, with social media taking the command over, it is very easy for anyone to present their views about something they like and about something that they don’t. When it comes to branding a business, we have been recently witnessing the impact that cursing tweet can have the reputation of a brand. Similarly, on the other hand, we have also been experiencing the following that a favourable post can get you.

So, are you as a brand, utilizing the power of User-Generated-Content and social media aggregator for the best of your business?

Final Words

Lately, various technologies were introduced in the market that can give your business’s marketing ideologies a completely different shape. One such impactful technology is the social media wall. Social media walls such as Twitter walls or Instagram walls are basically used to display an aggregated output of various social media feeds that are posted by your customers mentioning your brand, through various channels or hashtags.

You can also embed Instagram feed or Twitter wall, to your website. For example, Instagram feeds to your website can majorly help you to attract your social media traffic to your website and vice-versa. Also, an extremely valuable motive that is audience engagement will also be attained.

Hence, through social media walls, you can showcase to the world the first-hand user-generated content for your brand and win some more customers. After all, it takes just one happy customer to get you ten more.

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