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Key Metrics To Measure Your Customer Service Effectiveness

by Aadil Bandi
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In today’s competitive environment, it is essential to establish good relations with your customers.

In this regard, the quality of customer service is increasingly an important factor for nurturing positive customer loyalty.

A single interaction has the power that may make or break a relationship, so organizations need to ensure that the customer service must be handled efficiently and the customer is satisfied.

Following are a few ways to monitor the effectiveness of your customer service.

1. Monitoring Calls

When you add live chat to your website, it is recommended to record the customer call services and listen to them periodically.

Create a checklist of actions and attitudes, and take notice if a call fails in meeting your expectations. The checklist is required to include items such as interrupting the customer, offering solutions instead of excuses, being polite, and noticing if the representative thanks customer for giving business or not.

Such checklist is helpful in analyzing customer service calls on the basis of a common standard. Also, it helps in identifying areas that need improvement.

2. Customer Surveys

A simple survey when you ask questions about customers’ perception can be helpful in knowing if the customer service is going the right way or not.

You might ask about the return on an item without any supervision, improvements against complaints, and the experience with customer service personnel.

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A customer survey is something that gives an opportunity to give direct feedback and turn that customers’ observations into action for improving the department of customer service.

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3. Count Customer Complaints

Adding up all complaints that you receive from the customers in the required period is a right way to measure the effectiveness of customer service.

Plus, it is essential to count complaints that reach up to managerial level. Like, if customers are not satisfied with the service of your personnel, they’ll surely raise the matter to a supervisor.

Hence it is required to take precautions and reduce such customer interactions that result in complaints.

4. Speed of Resolution

It won’t be wrong considering it as another biggest tool for measuring the time that it takes for resolving customer services.

We are not talking about the length of time but the time representative takes for getting the replacement of the product, refund or any other solution to the customer.

Begin with measuring the current average time, and then set goals for shortening that time. The shorter customers have to wait for a solution to their problem, the more he’ll be approaching your company in future.

In addition, ensure your customer service representative that you are keeping an eye on this factor for they’ll get more careful about the delay they cause to the customers.

KPIs To Measure Customer Service Effectiveness

Similarly, KPIs play a vital role in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of any task in the organization, you can use it to measure the success of your business’s customer service as well.

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However, different businesses tend to go for different strategies, following is a list of KPIs that may be helpful to measure customer service.

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1. Overall Satisfaction

You must gauge your customer service through their regular satisfaction surveys. The more the customers rate their satisfaction level high, the better they are satisfied.

2. Satisfaction Improvement

Another big way for the measurement of customer service is the tracking of their satisfaction level over time.

For instance, if there is a difference observed in the satisfaction level of customer, there is obviously a change to happen. But if it is really improving, you have already achieved the high level of customer satisfaction.

In addition, staying constant while improving will always keep you on the right track.

3. Customer Retention

Since it is very important to make your old customers stick around you and do more business, you must make efforts to make them happy.

If you are successful in bringing back a fair amount of customers daily, it shows that the customer service is performing well.

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4. Net Promoter Score

When customers are happy with your service, they will go a step further and recommend your company to others.

Therefore, when the Net Promoter Score and rate of people who recommend your company is high, it indicates that the customer service must be standing at an unrivaled position.

5. Conversion Rate

When your customer service representatives interact with the customers, the up next action will decide upon the conversion rate.

If a customer makes a purchase or takes some sort of action, it means that the customer service is performing well which must go high as well.

6. Comparison with Competitors

The customers who are loyal to your brand may not choose your competitors for any some interactions or purchasing.

So, when general satisfaction & customer retention are two metrics for measuring customer service, it is also very important to know how your company stands against competitors.

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