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How To Optimize Your Web Content For SEO

by Amit Chauhan
How To Optimize Your Web Content For SEO [White Hat] - Beta Compression

Since the inception of digital marketing, there is a lot said about the importance of the content, it not only reduces bounce rate of the website but also helps in optimization which is the very important thing to rank higher in the search results. Digital marketers spend days and nights updating the Google algorithms to rank higher, however, content optimization plays an equally important role in helping your website rank higher in the search results.

Here are few important content optimization tips one should go through to get better results as a part of Google optimization strategy.

The giant search engine Google has stated that content as one among top three factors of the ranking. Now, digital marketers are confused about how to optimize content for SEO. Continue to read on further to know the tips and make it easy for you.

Mobile Friendly Content

Digital marketers keep chasing the trends to increase their visitors share so is the emergence of mobile-friendly websites today. Not only websites, the content on the mobile sites should be optimized to increase the readability.

Mobile version websites give less visual space for the reader so, you need to keep the first paragraph of the content attractive to gain the attention of the readers. People also like to go through simple sentences and short paragraphs.

This does mean that you must compromise on your lengthy content that plays a key role in search engine rankings to impress the mobile readers, instead, maintain a logical flow of the content with short paragraphs and attractive first paragraph.

High-Quality Content

Your content marketing as a part of digital marketing optimization should ensure that you embed high-quality content in your marketing strategy to get desired results. The content on the website should be written with the focus on the audience and keywords they use to search your product.

Keep the content engaging, informative and educative as well while you keep it clear and simple. As the content is written, keeping the target audience in mind, before you post it online check if it is shareable. Make the content easily scannable with short paragraphs and bullet points so that it is easily digestible.

To keep the content inspiring to read, use actionable titles and ensure the keyword usage is natural and strategical. While keeping the flow of the content, it is also important to anticipate hopes and fears of the readers as well. Last but most important, you should spy out your competition.

Review the content of the pages that are ranking high for the targeted keywords and ensure the quality of content matches with the same or better than that.

Cite Resources 

Backlinks are the key ones that establish your credibility online. Linking and citation of the resources are important aspects of content optimization.

Give internal links in the content to direct the visitor to the sales page or elaborate the concept that is being explained. Giving some external links to the content give high value and prove as evidence to the statement that you have said in the content.

Make sure you provide external links to the non-commercial websites that are not your competitors.

Though backlinks to your website are an important aspect of content optimization, you should not cramp the content with the links, Google reads both anchor text and content in the link to establish the credibility of your website through backlinks and increase search engine rankings.


Adding images to the content is another important tip for content optimization SEO.  Readers love visuals than plain content.

There is an old saying that “A single picture can speak a thousand words”

In fact, words make more sense when they are effectively visualized. Digital marketer can capitalize this dominant nature of humankind dominant sense.

As a part of optimizing content, you need to include eye-catching visuals with engaging content to keep the readers entertained.

Page Title

Title of the page is an important factor to get clicks through. The title of the page should contain the main keyword to help the search engines list the page in the organic search results.

The rest of the title should have your creativity embedded in the title to convince the reader to click through.


<H1> is the headline of the page content if you are using word press. If not, use it as the descriptive headline so that it matches the page title and SERP snippet of the content.

In summary, these are the few tips that one could follow to optimize content which is considered as top three factors of rankings and increase your website ranking dramatically. Content optimization, when combined with other SEO strategies, is known to fetch higher rankings for your website in the shortest possible time.

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