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How to Increase Your Sales through Video Content Marketing

by Lisa George
How to Increase Your Sales through Video Content Marketing

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a Video is worth 1.8 million words!”

– Dr James McQuivey

You will agree with us when we say that videos are the way we consume content on the internet these days. You might have experienced that you have clicked to check out what a video titled “How to …” out of sheer curiosity even if you don’t want to do what it says. When it comes to making a buying decision, 64% of consumers all around the world have said that watching the product video has affected their decisions. Not only have this, but 76% of businesses reported that they have increased sales through video content.

Take this cue to plan your Content Marketing strategy to include videos in it. Videos have the power to embed the visuals, and sound and bring life to your products or services.

As per Tyler Lessard, the VP of Marketing at Vidyard which is the world’s leading company in Video hosting and performance analysis has once told that Videos drive the sales due to the 4Es;

  • Engaging Viewers: Videos entice the viewers with a storytelling approach.
  • Striking the Emotional Cord: Videos help in getting emotional responses from the audience thus connecting well with your brand. 
  • Serves Educational purpose: Videos help in processing information faster and it stays in our memories for a long time. 
  • Gain the Empathy: Information shown through the medium of videos help in developing empathetic relations with the ones seeing it.

You can make various types of videos to engage with your target audience. The content may vary from Explainer Videos to Product Launch or How To’s. Tell stories about your business in the form of videos. If you already have posted lots of articles to fit your digital content marketing, it is time to convert these into videos to hit the hammer at the right place and time!

Given below are a few tips that you must go through to implement effective content marketing strategies and drive your sales through videos;

Gain the attention of your audience

Not everything you see is what you like. Make videos that capture the attention of your viewers for a longer time and ensures their retention rate. Include an interesting beginning and develop a spike and design the content flow in such a way that the viewers will be glued to know it and will see the video till the end.

Make videos of the right duration

You might be greedy to show everything in one go but researches show that videos of 2-minutes are the ones that get the maximum engagements. While it is not possible to tell everything you want to in certain cases, like the explainer videos or product demos, but make sure that you keep most of your videos as short as possible. Even for the bigger videos make sure that you don’t extend the length beyond 5-6 minutes.

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Maintain Video posting Consistency

Quality of content matters and so does Quantity. Maintain a frequency of posting videos at regular intervals and more often because once your viewers are engaging in the content you serve, they will look out for more reliable content from your end. Take no chance when it comes to retaining your audience with your videos.

Post across multiple potential platforms

Majority of the online audience is dynamic. It might happen that some of your consumers are not active on Twitter but might be using Instagram or vice versa. So your digital marketing strategy must target all the social media platforms apart from your own website for putting up the videos that you make to gain a wider reach.

Posting at the right time

Using the trial and error method, analyze the time when your audience is the most responsive to the content you upload. According to reports, users respond well on Instagram during lunch breaks and post-work hours in weekdays while the opposite holds true for Facebook. This is because most of the user can only check their phones in their breaks but they can browse through Facebook even during their free time in working hours. Decide upon a time that is your best shot for posting across all social media platforms. Alternately, you can get in touch with content marketing consultants to see what the best fit is for you.

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Don’t miss out on putting the right CTAs

Just as any other type of content marketing, put relevant Call-to-Actions in your videos as well. You can ask the viewers to subscribe to your channel or enrol for your newsletters or can appeal them to buy your product or visit your website. Include CTAs so that your audience has a reason to keep coming back and engage with your brand.

Using real-time analytics to improve

Real-time reports will be your best friend when it comes to preparing an effective content marketing strategy for your future uploads. Know what types of videos are getting the maximum response from your audience. Check which platform is the most effective in increasing your brand reach through video content. Look after the time at which your viewers respond in the best way. After analyzing this data, prepare a solid strategy which will help you garner more views. You can also avail the content marketing services provided by various inbound marketing agencies to get it all worked out.

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Video SEO

After giving a lot of time and energy in making videos, how will you feel if there are fewer views or no views at all on your videos? Thus, it is imperative to do SEO for video content as well. Fill out all the necessary tags and fields and make sure to use relevant hashtags when you upload it on social media platforms or your content management systems. Keep researching on how to improvise in Video SEO and work out the trick for best results.

Final Words

Storytelling is the new way of marketing your business because it relates well with the customers easily and quickly. And when it comes to storytelling, nothing can beat the effect that is imparted through videos. Generate more video content to represent your business and its products and services and see how it escalates the figures of your sales giving huge returns on time and money invested! If you are still clueless or don’t have it figured out yet, get in touch with an inbound marketing agency to see what can be done.

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