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6 Simplest and Best Tactics to Improve Conversion Rate

by Manan Ghadawala


The digital world might be a new dimension of infinite wisdom and options or common users. But, it is becoming a very competitive platform for eCommerce business owners. The effective measures are falling short for the eCommerce websites to grab hold more leads and convert them into loyal customers. Moreover, every business has its own competition. The rivals are also using eclectic measures to work on the conversion rate optimization techniques. Developing an eCommerce website has become a lot easier these days.

CRO is the strategies which are using for the eCommerce authorities to enhance the user experience while using an application or a website. This shopping experience should be better and more physically reflective to impart a higher sense of control to the users and make them feel at a physical store. CRO is essential for eCommerce platform development, and it is not a short-term process. Over time, this is essential to upgrade to make very superior to the existing users for loyal customers. It is where the custom eCommerce Development Services from reputed agencies come in very handy. The agencies offer a turnkey solution for CRO requirements of a business.

Best eCommerce conversion rate optimization techniques

As per the latest standards, the conversion rate expected by an eCommerce platform these days ranges from 1% to 2%. A figure more impressive than this is very much acceptable. The conversion of the leads visiting your website needs to be wooed using special tactics and providing a great user experience.

Here are the expert tactics for CRO you can use to enhance your business in the digital world.

  1. Heat-mapping

Equip your eCommerce platform with the strengths of HotJar, a unique tool to discover and understand the different user interactions with your online platform. This tool specifically used to even track down cursor movements, clicks, and mapping scroll depths.

Understanding the user’s interaction with the eCommerce website or app will bring better insights about the behavior the user shows. Every analysis from this tool will include a heat-map experiment capturing up to 10,000 page views. Once the analysis is done, a report will be generated to show customer behavior in a real-time model.

HotJar is a brilliant tool that will allow you to understand how a user behaves at the deepest level. The filters provided in this tool will also help you to generate specific data regarding user behavior. The eCommerce Development Process uses this distribution tool to improve the site to make the platform better for users by eliminating the constraints.

  1. Quantcast Measure

Quantcast Measure is an intelligent tool from Quantcast an eCommerce Development Company uses to generate analytical reports based on specific tags. This is the right platform to use in order to measure site usage and demography of the users. The tool offers deeper insights for every user on a personal level so that the generated report can be more specific and useful to construct a new CRO strategy.

Quantcast offers a proper view of the demographic report in a composite manner so that it can be compared to get a proper idea of the user behavior in the website.

  1. Deep level individualization

The best way to make a user comfortable to use your eCommerce website or app is via preparing an individualistic approach. The user will feel that the online portal knows who he is and will also feel extremely comfortable to shop.

The use of data science and machine learning can offer the best medium to understand what user behavior is. Ecommerce Development Solutions often introduce the strength of machine learning within the platform to create a better interface for every individual user.

The personalization of the website dynamics as per the user behavior will be the biggest strength. Using AI for the personalization of the eCommerce interface will also escalate CRO. More than 86% want personal assistance from the ecommerce platforms to make it more personal. The involvement of chatbots or personal assistance from an interface like Albert can be very useful in this case.

  1. Checkout simplification

The attention span of the users is reducing day by day. The eCommerce Store Development services will have to ponder upon the time spent by a user on an average. It means that the user interface needs to be very efficient to impress the user and make him stick to the online store. In fact, the checkout process also needs to be revolutionized so that a user does not feel obligated to go through several steps over and over again.

The checkout segment should seem seamless. This unique trait added to your ecommerce platform will become a strong point as the users will find it very convenient to use. In fact, a report suggests that over 25% of the ecommerce shoppers bounce from one shop to the other due to lengthy registration processes for ordering items.

  1. Retargeting using personalized advertisements

You can easily track that the products a user has shown interest in. These products can be used as advertisement materials in various websites and portals where the specific user generally visits. This technique is called retargeting. It is easy to gain a lost customer via retargeting on the websites the users generally visit.

As per a new analytical report, a user confirms a product after viewing it for at least 7 times. Retargeting in Google, Facebook, and in other websites offering ad slots will increase the chances of regaining the lost customers.

  1. Mobile and desktop optimization

More than 70% of all the activities are conducted via a smartphone these days. This means that the website or application should be prepared using the mobile-based algorithm. On the other hand, an eCommerce Development Consultant will tell you to go for responsive designs. So that a user does not find it difficult to navigate. The navigation experience should be similar both in the application and desktop.


The services use eCommerce Development Software to come up with the ideal platforms and provide efficient CRO tactics to the clients. In fact, you can also Outsource eCommerce Development to an agency more efficient in handling customized requirements in this aspect too.

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