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How Chat Bots Will Change the Future of Web Development?

by Allicewatson
How Chat Bots Affect the Future of Web Development - beta compression

By 2020, 85% of customer relationships with enterprises will be conducted without a human.” – Gartner. Human interactions are no longer necessary for fabricating strong relationship. Thanks to chatbots!

Many companies, specifically Facebook, have been using chatbots to take their user experience to a whole new level. Over 100,000 bots are presently existing on Messenger alone. More than 10,000 companies are using their own bots, and until the year 2020, around 80 percent businesses are planning to have chatbot to interact with customers.

For those who don’t know, a chatbot is an automated tool aimed at stimulating conversations, addressing the questions, and managing particular requests accordingly.

Here in the post, we are going to dwell on what changes chatbots are going to make in the industry of Web Development within years to come.

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Chatbot And eCommerce: A Tailored Shopping Experience

Chatbots harness the capabilities of big data and all the valuable information to enhance the interactions and facilitate the payment processes. The evolution of chatbot is centered upon changing consumer preferences, demands, and expectations. Our customers are looking for lightning-fast response times and are looking forward to having a nice and easy purchase process. Furthermore, the rise of mobile ecommerce has heightened the standards as companies and brands are in constant need to accommodate the ever-growing amount of traffic.

Moreover, by storing a considerable amount of data into the algorithm, it is possible to enable bots to address new requests and provide the customers with correct (already listed) solutions. Presently, we have entered into the territory of the continually evolving form of customer interactions. Thence, ecommerce businesses need to focus on machine learning infrastructure and incessantly collect and consume new data.

How Chat Bots Affect the Future of Web Development - beta compression

CHATBOTS: Improved Customer Service Online

The chatbot is automatic tools that address the frequently asked questions of customers and engage them in conversations using artificial intelligence, automated messaging, as well as language-based rules. Unlike, traditional chat software are managed either by a dedicated person, a third party customer support provider, or both, chatbot technology is being further upgraded by Artificial Intelligence.

If you browse or shop for products or services on a website, you most probably have interacted with a customer service chatbot. Maybe it felt more human than a human does, as such bots are aimed at fabricating real-life interactions in a very personalized manner just like actual customer service representatives. The mechanism is more or less same as the traditional chat boxes, they usually pop up when you land on a site for the first time and are temporarily minimized, as per the automated settings. Many business owners have been knocking up the doors of their preferred Website Development Company to integrate chatbot into their website.

Facebook Messenger, the host of 50 million business users, has been extending it’s commercial API potential on weekly bases, letting brands and services to perform tasks like, food ordering, flight booking, contacting local emergency services, and making transactions through simulated bot services.

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Shortcomings of Chatbots

Where using chatbot to deal with the frequent customer request and queries can make the employees and staff more efficient, but at the same time, their productivity can be badly affected. Chatbots surely eliminate or diminish the need for employing a large, in-house customer support staff that is exceptional for business budgets, such software could also be damaging for the future of our workforce.

Moreover, chatbot just like the Facebook’s chatbot can commit mistakes with language, and that is one of the many reasons why they may not always suggest relevant solutions to customer inquiries and concerns. This could increase the confusion and frustration of the customers. In some cases, it can be important to supervise chatbot conversations occasionally to recognize any recurring language problems, so they can be rectified in the coming future.

How Chat Bots Affect the Future of Web Development - beta compression

User Experience won’t be the Same

The website and mobile applications people have been using to check engagement metrics such as bounce rate, click-through-rate, and standard session duration, etc. in order to assess what actually works for a particular business.

With chatbots, we need to dwell over the factors such as the number of received messages through the chatbot, the number of interactions, time invested on each chat, the score of Smalltalk, conversation funnels, sentiment analysis, and so on.

Unlike previous practices, it is going to be much more than monthly active users. Moreover, the effectiveness and relevancy of all the bot sessions will be a decisive factor.

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Wrap Up

Chatbots are here to stay and they are not going anywhere any sooner. Where many businesses are still slacking to adopt the chatbot, some are keeping up with the bot revolution and are aligning their strategies accordingly. The chatbot communities, forums, conferences, and open-source networks are being fortified with bundles of developers playing their part in evolving the bot technology every day.

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