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Google’s Aug. 1 Core Algorithm Update – Impact and Analysis

by Aadil Bandi
Google Broad core algorithm update - Betacompresison.com

Google keeps updating the algorithm for the better search engine results and ensuring the user experience that is enhanced. The Google search algorithm update on August 1 has wholly rolled out now named Google broad core algorithm update.

After that update lots of sites claiming the massive increase in Google rankings and traffic as well. On the other hand, there are sites as well facing the considerable decline in rankings and traffic.

Google did not reveal anything, like what are the changes that have been made and there is nothing owners of the site can do to fix the issue. But the sudden algorithm change caused a significant impact on the different websites.

The ultimate guide for the impact and analysis on the sites because of this update is in the article.

Google Broad core algorithm update- A summary

In summary, Google is calling the update as a broad, global, and core from the analysis initiated. The primary focus of the Google is on the sites like health and medical including Your Money Your Life (YMYL) sites. But there are many other niches of websites which were affected by the update.

Google Broad core algorithm update - Betacompression.com

Google also stated that the websites could not do anything to fix the problem, so it is better that they must focus on the enhancing the experience of the user, offering the content that is better and making the website more useful.

Google named the update as Medic Update as the main focus is on the space that is medical and health. But there is something which Google never tell, and that is its actual focus.

Who was impacted by the Update?

Google made this clear that it is a global update and implies on every kind of website and niche.  According to the surveys conducted by several data companies and the consultants of SEO, it is iden6tified that the main focus is on the medical and health including your money your life or YMYL. It is vital to know that why YMYL is the main focus but before that it is also essential to understand what it is.

Broad core algorithm affected YMYL, health and wellness sites - Betacompression.com

YMYL are the sites that primarily focus on the events that are related to the life and money. According to the guideline of Google raters, here are some aspects:

[tie_list type=”checklist”]

  • YMYL sites are the focus because of the pages that ask for personal information, like identification numbers, bank accounts, license numbers etc. all of these are the sign of theft of identity.
  • Web pages including the monetary transactions as this integrate the information of the credit account or bank account information.
  • Pages offering the information on medical or health that can influence the physical health.
  • Web pages providing the advice on the primary decision of life, like parenting pages, home purchasing, vehicle and so on.
  • Pages offering the information on fundamental issues of life that can influence the happiness in future and finances like pages that are providing the advice that is financial and legal.


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There are several analytics data companies like Sistrix, SEMRush, RankRanger etc. who initiated the survey to understand the SEO impact of the update.

Analysis by Sistrix

Sistrix shared the data revealing that the most of the changes are on the YMYL sites. There is an uplift and loss percentage as well. According to this analytics company, the pages of health and finance also face the impact because of this update.

Sistrix shared the sites that obtain the increase in rankings with the update, and also some sites experienced loss.

Below is the better illustration for the analysis of websites. The examples are taken up from the US websites:

top 20 losing domains by medic update - Betacompression.com

Sistrix Company Analysis: Top 20 Losing Domains in the USA after Medic Update.

This diagram is reflecting the websites that have gained rankings and traffics with the update of Google Broad Core Algorithm.

top 20 winning domains by medic update - Betacompression.com

Sistrix also analyzed the two websites that are in the niche of health and medicine. So, one saw a significant increase in traffic and the other one declined traffic:

Increased traffic website

increased traffic website after medic update - Betacompression.com

Declining traffic website

decreased website traffic after medic update - Betacompression.com

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Analysis by RankRanger

RankRanger is also an analysis company that includes unique datasets and the metrics all over the verticals that are different and reflects the change in the websites with the Google Broad core algorithm update.

Here is the example of family and lifestyle website niche that saw a massive change in organic visibility changes also there are health and fitness niche sites. The results can be identified through the colors as family and lifestyle are blue whereas health fitness is green:

Broad core algorithm analysis by rankranger - Betacompression.com

This is one of the instances, but there are many other ways to look at it. RankRanger also came up with the analyses of different sites that experienced impact through the charts. The charts for different niche are below with their impacts by Google Broad core algorithm:

rankranger broadcore alogorithm affected website chart - Betacompression.com

finance website affected by broad core update - Betacompression.com

average SERP position change in website after broad core update - industry wise - Betacompression.com

SEMRush ranking

SEMRush in its sensor ranked the update on an overall score of 9.4, and it is extremely high. So, the company has integrated certain sites that have faced the negative or positive impact.

[tie_list type=”checklist”]

  • Food & Drink – 9.4
  • Games – 9.4 
  • Books & Literature – 9.3
  • Health – 9.4
  • Shopping – 9.4
  • Travel – 8.7
  • Sports – 9.4
  • Pets & Animals – 9.4
  • Real Estate – 9.1
  • Arts & Entertainment – 9.4
  • Autos & Vehicles – 9.4
  • Reference – 9.4
  • Science – 9.4
  • Beauty & Fitness – 9.4
  • Business & Industrial – 9.3
  • Computers & Electronics – 9.3


What can be done?

If your website also faced the impact of the update of Google Broad core algorithm, then you must be thinking of the plan to fix it. But then you need to know that there is no solution to fix it. All you can do is focus on the website and looking after the consistency. Make sure to manage the content. Include backlinks on the site. Make sure that you are working on the website design.

These are the only ways through which you can mitigate the issue.

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Wrap up

Google did a massive change in the algorithm update affecting the search results and countless masters of the web, website owners and SEO on 1st August. The primary impact was on health and medical include YMYL sites.

So, it is vital that the sites must work on their content; the user experience should manage small changes to experience the massive positive impact on rankings.

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