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Economic Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on Various Sectors

by Pooja Shah
Economic Impact of Covid19 pandemic on Various Sectors

The world has already seen a terrible impact of the COVID-19 virus lately. The disease has spread all over the world plus it has affected almost all the states of India. There will be a massive unprecedented economic crisis throughout the whole world. Policy plus politics must play a significant role to accelerate the breakdown.

Good politics will always lead to the minimization of suffering for the common people. There are multiple economic challenges that will be being faced by all the industries. India needs a demand-side which will be motivating the end of these challenges. The policies curved are important. Thus the distribution of the natural resources towards the competitive needs.

There will be a contraction in growth from sectors to regions plus there will be also certain alterations in political mobility. The growth of India’s gross domestic report has been forecasted. There will be 3.2% of reduction in the 2021 financial year plus also 3.1% expansion in the next year.

Only except the East Asian region countries who will be the only exception the whole world will face this criterion.

  • Incomes will be reduced plus many jobs will be no longer required.
  • For policy intervention, people must know it. Only the agriculture sector plus the government sector will not be much effective as there will be no reduction. They almost share a 30% in the gross value added. The rest of the economies will get hampered mostly.
  • The growth percentage of agriculture plus the government will be the average of the previous three years. In numbers, it will be 4.1% in agriculture plus 9.7% for the government.
  • As listed by World Bank The rest of the economy will have 3.2% of minimization plus 3.1% growth around the end of 2022.

The non-economic economies have sub-sector of them. Contractions on all those will have a different impact on the employment sector. Just as to compare states Delhi will have a much worse condition than Arunachal Pradesh. The construction industry is much labor-oriented than the finance industry. Thus the construction will be more devastated by the effects of coronavirus.

The trade sector affected in India for the COVID-19 outbreak nearly costs three hundred plus forty-eight million dollars. We will now see the economic impact of various industries. The manufacturing plus production of the automobile industry will be most affected in 15 economies including China.

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Automobile Industry

The impact of the automotive industry will be partially dependent on the business relationship with China. In China, there has been major shutdown which has indirectly caused an effect upon Indian auto manufacturers plus the Indian auto component industry. If the shutdown continues in China, there will be an 8 to 10% reduction in Indian automobile manufacturing. However, the impact of coronavirus on the other countries will be much larger as the battery supply chain primarily initiates from China. China holds three-quarters of battery manufacturing capacity.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Although India remains a major drug exporter in the world, there also persists a major importation of huge drugs for the domestic pharmaceutical industry of India. Specially India imports the API plus intermediates to providing the medicines with therapeutic value. India’s API importation from China accounts for at least 70% of consumption on an average that is why the importers are quite tensed about the supply disruptions due to Covid-19 plus also the alteration in price structure. For many critical antibiotics plus antipyretics, there has been almost an entire dependency on China, from where China receives the upper hand. However, delivery plus tracking of these consignments are on the verge.

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Chemical Industry

Local units of India are heavily dependent upon the import of raw materials, chemicals, plus intermediates from China. Delayed shipping plus acceleration in the prices of raw materials are heavily affecting the dyestuff industry of India. The production of dye materials is getting hampered due to the disruption of supply. The business in the Indian domestic market is suffering, but they can take advantage of the United States Plus European Union as they are trying to shift their business plus become the alternative to China.

Electronic Industry

The electronics industry of India is heavily dependent on China for the importation of end products as well as raw materials. India is facing a tight production budget reduction, supply interruption, higher product prices for the dependency in local manufacturing, plus direct or indirect supply. Coronavirus greatly impacted the top electronic companies which affected the supply in the Indian region eventually.

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Solar Industry

The project developers plus programmers of Solar power plus energy have their resources of the solar model from China. This is accountably more than half of a solar project’s total price conducted in India. Chine solar power companies majorly prevail upon the Indian solar components market. They sell almost 80% of solar cells plus modules to India. Reasoned by the coronavirus pandemic, there have been delays in the production process, greater time spent in the quality check, plus perturbation in the component transportation. Indian solar power manufacturers are facing a shortage of raw materials. The limitation of stocks in the Indian solar industry is caused by this Covid-19 outbreak.

IT Industry

The lunar new year holidays of China untowardly impacted upon the growth plus development of Information technology organizations that run outside China. Information Technology Industry vastly depends on manpower but that is not sufficient due to the lockdown plus quarantine problems. Thus they are rejecting new project proposals. In the case of existing projects, they are becoming unable to deliver it on time. Thus the global customers are looking for alternative options in different countries.

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Shipment Industry

The shutdown in the Chinese industry implied non-entry of ships in the China ports or harbors. Thus there has been a massive drop in the mass movement to China. The Indian shipping organizations are facing a shortfall in their revenue earnings. Due to the disruption in shipping, there remained a delay in product reach from India to China.

Tourism & Aviation Industry

The outbreak of COVID-19 has also affected the tourism and aviation sector. The domestic carriers are getting canceled, on the other hand, the flight operations are getting called off from India to China. For offering provisions of examples we can state that flight companies like Air India, Indigo were forced to freeze operations to China.

Simply due to this lockdown, the aviation industry will fall short on its revenue earnings.

Textile Industry

The garment plus textile industries of China are stopping their operations for the outbreak of COVID-19. On the contrary, the exportation of fabric, yarn, plus other important raw materials from India is getting haltered. The cotton yarn exports are supposed to drop by half unit. The spinning miles will also hinder. Thus as a whole, the textile industry will be unable to draw interest plus as a result, their repayment to financial organizations will be left as due.

The cotton farmers are also facing volatility as they are now dependent upon the subdued price which may further fall. As a whole Indian textile industry are about to face great peril I upcoming days.

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