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eLearning Trends You Should Watch Out In 2018

by Aadil Bandi
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Technology. Thinking about how it changed the world we live in is truly astonishing. Mobile phones have all but become extensions of our own hands, and as we’ve gotten used to searching for everything we need on Google on even an hourly basis, we find ourselves in a world where we rely on the Internet to entertain us more than ever before. Pretty much the same exact thing goes for the ways we all learn and acquire new skills online.

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What we need to understand is the fact that new generations are now growing up with technology by their side at all times, so there’s absolutely no wonder how they’ve managed to turn to them when it comes to finding answers to all of their curious and burning questions, as well as gaining the knowledge they require online.

Here’s the thing — the moment computers and mobile phones replaced the standard forms of learning, eLearning as a concept was born.

These days, we can easily spot that a lot of people all over the world (from students to young entrepreneurs) benefit from eLearning, mostly because they’ve accommodated themselves to those new and pricey technologies, as well as because they enjoy how different it is from old-school learning and the fact that it allows them to pick up skills through innovative methods.

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They’re not the only ones to benefit from eLearning, though. In the United States alone, two-thirds of companies are introducing online courses for their employees, because it turns out that online courses make them more prepared and focused on all the challenges they come across in their careers.

Knowledge sharing platform Zeqr believes that eLearning will soon take over all schools, colleges, and business places, which is why they created an infographic with some of the most interesting facts about eLearning and how it helps people advance their skills and educate themselves further.

So, if you’re ready, let’s take a look at the status of the eLearning industry and see what we can expect from it in the upcoming year!


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