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How To Deal With Angry Customers on Social Media

by Aadil Bandi

Since social media became the most convenient way to communicate, consumers have jumped onto their social accounts to reach out to brands. This has been effective in terms of gaining online business marketing traction, but as with any sort of influence comes a setback. Social media users can tarnish your brand reputation just as easily as they can enhance it.

How To Deal With Angry Customers on Social Media

This is why you need asocial media VA (Virtual Assistant) to make sure that someone is always monitoring your reputation in social networks. When your company gets backlash on Facebook or Twitter, would you know how to de-escalate angry customers on social media?

Here are a few methods to make sure that you do:

1.Have an In-House Complaints Procedure

When tempers rise among your customers, their messages can get volatile. You can handle such instances through a prepared procedure. Do you ask for an Order ID? Should you give vouchers to customers with delayed shipping problems? Whether a customer is frustrated with your product, offline customer service, or business terms, make sure that you have a systematic solution to follow. This way, when new members are added to your staff, it will be easy for them to learn the ropes of your social media management process.

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2. Listen Actively

Frustrated customers want affirmation that their concerns are valid. You give this to them when you scratch beyond the surface of their rants or complaints. Perhaps the upset customer asking for an update is just worried her order won’t make it in time for her son’s birthday. Maybe the new purchasing process takes too long for your busy customer to complete. Listening actively to what consumers are airing out gives you an opportunity to zero in on the best solution for their situation.

3. Respond Like a Human Being

While it is good to have an in-house procedure to follow for different issues, it’s not a reason to be rigid and indifferent when dealing with customers. After all, every situation is different and every customer is unique.

Before bombarding them with methods to fix their problem, show empathy by acknowledging the frustration of the customer and letting them know that you are there to help and make the situation right. In so doing, you deflate an otherwise heated encounter.

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4. Make Public Responses

Some customer complaints are best brought into a private platform especially when you need to ask sensitive information such as the customer’s personal or order details. However, make sure to make public responses as well. Publicly respond to a customer’s post or comment and let them know that you heard their complaints and are handling the issue. This will help future consumers who are researching about your brand through your social profiles. Seeing evidence of how well you handle a difficult situation boosts your credibility and win over potential customers.

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5. Be Swift to Take Action

Social networks remain popular because they offer swift results. If you want to contact someone, you can just go to their profile and send them a direct message. If you want to research about a product, browse through comments and you get unfiltered customer reviews.

When customers reach out to your social networks about a problem, they also expect quick solutions. Monitor your tags and mentions along with your messages. Tools like Google Alerts, Mention, and review websites will also keep you in the loop on your customers’ impression about your service.

Knowing how to de-escalate angry customers on social media helps you fix a situation before it turns into a viral online nightmare.

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