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By 2020, 85% of customer relationships with enterprises will be conducted without a human.” – Gartner. Human interactions are no longer necessary for fabricating strong relationship. Thanks…

Okay, you opened this article because you want to learn new things that’ll help boost or promote your business on twitter and yes that’s exactly what I’ll show you. With over 300 million monthly active users I bet you’ve known the ROI you can reap from marketing your small business on twitter.

In today’s competitive environment, it is essential to establish good relations with your customers.

In this regard, the quality of customer service is increasingly an important factor for nurturing positive customer loyalty.

A single interaction has the power that may make or break a relationship, so organizations need to ensure that the customer service must be handled efficiently and the customer is satisfied.

Following are a few ways to monitor the effectiveness of your customer service.

Whether you are a service provider or an end user, you must read this article because Cloud Computing has really revolutionized the way we see IT (Information Technology).

What is Cloud Computing?

Although Cloud Computing is not a new phenomenon if you don’t know what it then read this paragraph.

Cloud Computing is an internet based service that provides shared processing resources and data to computers.

To put it simply for a layman, instead of having data stored on your computer’s hard drive, data is stored on and accessed from the cloud platform of the service provider.

You know you need to invest in your business so that you can continually grow it, but sometimes it’s hard to know which expenses are essential and which will just end up costing you money. That’s where a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) comes in handy. This financial tool will help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of any financial activity you’re considering.

Using a Cost Benefit Analysis can help you determine if an investment is a good idea, as well as to weigh the costs against the benefits of it.