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Youtube Hacks: How to Boost Traffic and Ranking on Youtube

by Aadil Bandi

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. It has 2 billion logged-in monthly users. People spend a lot of time browsing youtube, and each visitor spends almost 11 min 24 sec every day. Youtube users upload 500 hours of video every time.

So, it implies that this is the most successful application. Also, it is the right platform to promote your brand.

YouTube channel serves as a hub for all of your company’s video content, allowing you to present your product on a larger scale.

If you are not advertising it right, then it is possible that you do not get the target audience to your channel. This is like you are making an effort, but you don’t know how to put your content in the right place.

Your main motive is to produce and publish great videos and then optimize them for search using video SEO is the best practices.

But before going ahead, we must know what youtube SEO is?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a designing practice for web content that will help to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Youtube SEO helps to optimize your channel, playlists, metadata, description, and the videos themselves. It helps in the betterment of your videos. It helps to boost up the rating of your videos and increase the views.

So the question is!! how to make your video appealing to increase the views on youtube?

In this article, we are going to review the youtube hacks that help to increase traffic and ranking.

Youtube Hacks to Boost the Traffic on Youtube

Here are the youtube hacks, how to maximize views on YouTube and increase your video search rank.

Choose the Creative Content

Content is most important while creating your youtube channel. Find a video that is more engaging than blogs, ebooks, and giving the value to your video.

Video creators must keep in mind that content must be visually appealing and informative so that people would prefer to watch videos. If you create an unattractive video, then the customer will likely abandon the video.

You have countless options of video topics to choose from. Create the content on how to use a product, success stories of people who’ve used it, office culture videos, demo videos, etc.

Try to present the information in a creative and useful manner.

Youtube Keyword

Keywords in youtube videos matter a lot while optimizing the video. So choosing the right keyword is essential for your business.

Whenever you generally go to youtube and start typing a keyword in the search box then youtube suggests popular searches. Regulating keyword research helps the YouTubers to find out what the audience is looking for and interested in.

Do the keyword search first before adding content, and choose the right one and you will get the organic views on your channel. You can use a google keyword planner to check the searches of keywords.

Try to add the short-tail keyword and optimize them correctly. It will give live traffic views.

Create the Custom Background Image

The background image of your youtube video helps you to stand out from other videos in your competition. Selecting the right model that compliments your channel design helps to invite more viewers apart from the theme color option. Youtube offers you to upload your background image. It is very vital to choose the image wisely.

Use Cards

Cards are the elements that are added in a youtube video that can be used to promote links, video or channels.

There are five different types of youtube cards that can be added to your video to make the video attractive, such as:

  • Video or playlist: For promoting video content.
  • Channel: Promote channel.
  • Donation: Feature a nonprofit or cause of your choice and encourage donations.
  • Poll: Encourage viewers to the multiple-choice survey.
  • Link: Link to an approved website off of You

The card helps to optimize the features of your youtube video and it guides to improve the content and engage more traffic, which will help to add more subscribers.

Add Thumbnails

Youtube thumbnail is the cover of the video that is uploaded to your youtube channel. The thumbnail is the only image that gives people an idea about the video they are going to watch.

Mostly youtube automatically generates a thumbnail, but if you don’t like them you can make the changes in font and style according to you.

Thumbnails are easier to scan and organize than their full-size counterparts. They serve the same role for images as a normal text index does for words.

If a viewer is interested, they can click on the thumbnail to expand the image and see the full picture.

Thumbnails make pages viewable and also allow your viewers to have control over precisely what they want to see.

So this is the best approach to promote your youtube channel.

Use Tags

YouTube tags are also known as video tags. The words and phrases give the context of a video. These are the most critical ranking factors in YouTube’s search algorithm.

Youtube allows us to use tags. The total character limit across all the tags must be less than 500 characters, and videos should have 5-8 tags.

Use Descriptive Playlist

It is the additional feature that helps to organize your youtube channel and keep the employees connected.

A playlist is a group related to youtube videos that tend to be organized by topic or theme. A playlist is an amazing tool for YouTubers or video viewers.

This helps to organize your video collections on YouTube when it comes to achieving greater visibility to your channel’s content.

Playlist feature assists in group videos of a similar topic. Choosing a keyword-focused title and correctly describing the playlist.

It will make everything easier for your viewers, which helps to separate the videos by subject and popularity.

Wrapping up

Creating a video can be complex, but to increase the views is even tougher. Generally, the audience prefers content over video. So it is critical to keep your marketing strategy up.

Hopefully, these youtube hacks give you the best knowledge of what is required to achieve the goal. Try to add the good quality content which entertains and educates the users.

Your suggestions and queries are welcome. So feel free to ask the question in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!!

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