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7 Best SEO Keyword Research Tools You Should Use

by Sharafudhin Mangalad

Are you a business owner or a marketer who is struggling to find the right SEO strategy?

And, did you ever realize that keywords have an important role to play in your business’s SEO strategy?

Do you want to know how to make keyword research and the best keyword research tools used for it?

If all these or at least any of these questions are bothering you, then, I can help you find the right answer through this blog which is all about the top 7 SEO keyword research tools you need to know.

If you’re a business and have a website, you’ll know there are so many struggles to get your business rank top on Google searches for the selective keywords. Likewise, every single business wants to appear at the top of Google’s search ranking for a variety of keywords relating to their business but will have more competition. In such an instance, Search Engine Optimization becomes hard unless you know how to act smart through proper strategies and methods. Keyword research tools play a vital role in helping you to work effectively through proper keyword research.

So, let’s get familiar with some of the keyword research tools and choose the best ones fitting to your business strategy or goals.

1. SEMRush

Isn’t it a good idea to see which keywords your competitors use and rank high for? SEMRush is such a keyword research tool that helps you do the competitor keyword analysis. Not only will this tool help you to find out the targeting keywords of competitors but also find out the estimated organic search traffic too. These findings will enable you to make your content strategy strong with better keywords.

SEMRush is one tool that offers several advantages. You may use SEMRush for:

  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Site Audit
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Target Location
  • Understand Keyword Trends
  • Get Keyword Ideas
  • Filter Keyword data by device

When comparing the features of Google Keyword Planner, SEM Rush is an advanced keyword research tool with more features. It will show the pages a particular keyword rank high and extract relevant keywords with high search volume from the competitors landing pages. While it offers you all the important features needed, you will have to pay a good monthly fee to enjoy these features.

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2. Google Ads: Keyword Planner

Google’s very own tool Keyword Planner has been and is the obvious choice for online marketers for many years. It is favored by many SEO’s as it is a free tool. One can enjoy all its features with an AdWords Account. If you’re starting a new website, a keyword planner is a good choice. Keyword Planner is the best friend of content as your business grows up and needs to produce more content.

Simply enter your focus keywords into the search box and you’ll receive a list of keywords most searched by users or related. And, you’ll have to find the gem out of it. A major benefit of using this tool is that everything will be laid out clearly and concisely.

Other than seeking keyword data from the source, you’ll be able to find:

  • Competitive keywords
  • Average monthly searches
  • Suggested bid (useful only if you’re using AdWords)

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3. Answer The Public

Answer The Public tool is an ideal content planning tool and helps you provide content ideas, suggestions, and frequently searched terms for a particular topic. When you need some content ideas simply enter the keyword or term relating to the topic you want to focus on, and this application will display the searches in neat visuals showing searches related to the different questions people asked online. If you like it download the keyword search data to a CSV file.

Search for a topic or a keyword in Answer the Public tool and you’ll get:

  • Questions searched on Google related to your keyword/topic
  • Keyword comparison searches (and, vs., like, or)
  • Prepositions on Google with the keyword
  • Alphabetically organized searches
  • Related searches

Answer The Public is one of the most widely used free tools online when it comes to topic navigation and researching. However, this tool lacks insightful search data so it is best to pair this application with a browser add-on tool – Keywords Everywhere. It will give you search volume, competitive data, and CPC. When you combine and use both these free keyword research tools, you’re able to make a pairing that delivers great results.

4. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

When you want to launch your new site, you may struggle to find out new keywords in your keyword research. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator is a great way to help you in this struggle. With AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator, you can get creative with keywords that align with your site, marketing goals, and strategy,

Remember, this tool is helpful only if you want to get creative with keywords and it may have to spend some amount of time spanning through the list to find out the best ones that suit your site.

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5. Ubersuggest

If you’re a beginner with keyword research, Ubersuggest is an extremely easy-to-use keyword research tool. Ubersuggest is acquired by SEO icon, Neil Patel, recently and it’s a great tool for beginners.

Ubersuggest will provide you with many relevant search results when you type a keyword idea or theme for a new piece of content. It will pull data from Google and provide you with data that can be easily sorted into the lowest competition, highest search volume, and CPC (Cost Per Click). With all these features, Ubesrsuggest has the similarity to that of Google’s Keyword Planner.

It will also show a list of long-tail keywords on the dashboard and is helpful for SEO professionals or agencies that have small SEO budgets. This tool is still completely free and will provide enough information to understand basic keyword data.

6. KWfinder

KWfinder is a highly preferred tool by SEO experts for its keyword research capabilities, backlink analysis, and SERP analysis. Although KWfinder is free to use for all users, its use is limited if you want to look into it frequently.

When you want to look into the keywords simply type in your website/business-related keyword into the search box and you’ll get the list. While, KW Finder will also help you with the keyword metrics, search trends, Search Volume (12 months), CPC and PPC difficulty (for advertisers) and SEO Difficulty

Many SEO professionals find KWfinder as most useful when they want to see the SERP preview. The SERP preview shows you the first page of Google with all the websites currently rank for the desired keyword. By showing things like domain authority, page authority, trust flow, citation flow, and other Moz metrics this tool will help you to determine the possibilities of ranking your website on Google’s first page.

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7. Ahrefs

Considered first as a backlink checking tool, Ahrefs is an enterprise resource for search marketing.

But, when you want to do keyword research, Ahrefs provide the most accurate and largest keyword databases. It has a keyword research platform in itself by giving you access to various keyword measurements such as keyword difficulty projections, keyword ideas, search volume, parent topics, and a keyword generator.

Ahrefs has a large and growing database which makes its keyword research tool to be one of the strongest on the market. Ahrefs allows you to make a competitive analysis into the competitor’s SERP. This will help you to put together a game plan to outrank the competition.  While continuously providing more accurate insights, Ahrefs has a new addition such as checking organic clicks. Organic Clicks lets you access the metrics and show how many people click on a link after a search is made on Google.

Ahrefs is not free, and therefore it is not a fit for beginner marketers who are looking for basics. However, this tool is extremely user-friendly, so even if you’re a beginner and have enough budget you can access this tool.


Most SEO professionals do not rely on a single tool for all of their keyword research. Therefore, getting familiar with all the tools is necessary so that when such an instance comes you know when to make the right use of a particular tool. However, the paid tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs can handle a vast majority of keyword research and other vast areas, many can’t afford. Even the advanced tools with paid membership offer free trials, therefore, try to determine your business’s preferences and make the best use of these tools. Anyway, these tools help you to improve your SEO skills and catch up with the ever-growing demand.

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