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10 Bestseller Audiobooks For Social Media Marketing 2020

by Nishil Prasad
audiobooks for social media marketing

A really portable option and quite convenient for entrepreneurs out there who have a lot on their table and are still eager to learn more, audiobooks are amazing because you can listen to them anywhere at any given time regardless of what you’re doing at that particular time.

Here are 10 of the popular audiobooks for social media marketing you would love to listen. We strongly recommend you to check them out:

Platform: Get Noticed in a very noisy World by Michael Hyatt

It is one of the best audiobooks for social media marketing for beginners as well as for experts. It talks about the virtual world and the pros and cons of it.

This audiobook also helps the newbies by talking about the basics of social media marketing and about the goals that they need to achieve on the journey of social media marketing. Also, this is worth reading for the professional marketers out there.

This book also guides you in a way that you could revise your pattern and understand where you might have gone wrong and how to not repeat those mistakes.

Small Business Big Money Online by Alex Harris

This book is concise. It doesn’t beat around the bush and talks about how to quickly increase profits and how to get your leads going. There are times when there are many visitors on your website but don’t convert into customers.

Given how leads are really important to optimize your website, this book is really helpful for small businesses who exist in niche markets. It speaks of the perks of small businesses and how they can make big money by using simple strategies that will change how the website works and in turn, will enhance your brand. A really helpful book for increasing revenue online.

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The New Rules of Marketing and Public Relations, 6th Edition by David Meerman Scott

A really interesting book when it comes to marketing and PR. This book tells us how crucial it is to build a presence on the platforms on various social media and manage public relations through various strategies.

One of the best things about this book is that it tells us that we need to speak directly to the audience to establish our relationships with them and manage an interactive two-way relationship with them.

A book filled with rich content, you’ll thank yourself after reading it.

The #ArtOfTwitter by Daniel Parsons

This book will make you reconsider your strategy when it comes to social media platforms like Twitter. All the decisions that you have made in the past may have to be revised because this book gives a fresh new perspective on how to manage Twitter.

Twitter, being a challenging platform due to its character limitations has been tricky when it comes to marketing businesses. Hashtags won’t be a mystery anymore. Daniel Parsons gives us some good tips on how powerful Twitter can be if used rightly.

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Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel

This is an audiobook that everyone has been waiting for! Most importantly the 21st-century entrepreneurs.

Mitch Joel, a digital marketing expert with a fresh perspective, has done total justice to the virtual world by speaking about the fascinating world of online marketing. Entrepreneurs are doing everything they can on digital channels just be present, or be ‘on it’ or “out there”, connecting to similar others who have similar interests, and ultimately, making the best out of their personal and professional lives and thus making more money.

The End of Advertising by Andrew Essex

Given the fact that many apps help control the ads online or the increasing adblocking software out there, it looks like advertising isn’t really in your face anymore. Today we speak quality. Gone are the days where advertising was just another nuisance.

This book, written in the most candid way possible gives a good amount of reality check about today’s advertising scenario.

Social Media Marketing by Jason Cooper

One of the most practical books, it talks about how to optimally use every social media platform and also suggest ways to do so. So you’re not only left with wandering thoughts but thoughts that you can apply.

Those which could be of great help to you in your business. Every social media campaign is distinct in its way and as social media marketers, we need to know how to set higher standards. This book exactly tells you how to do that.

Welcome to the Funnel by Jason Miller

Have you heard about a social media funnel and some terms which would make you wonder what the heck are these? Through trial and error and quite a lot of case studies, Jason Miller has spoken highly about how important content is when it comes to social media marketing.

By the end of this book, you would be a fan of Mr. Jason Miller. You will find that how deeply he has researched methods of marketing on social media through content. This audiobook for social media marketing is quite practical and is filled with great tips that you would be excited to apply.

“Likeable Social Media, Revised and enlarged by Dave Kerpen”

The author Dave Kerpen is aware of what he preaches and it’s quite confident about it. This book talks about the power of listening to customers, and of course, word of mouth marketing. It’s a great book for social media newbies and how they would like to create content that is engaging and interesting. This is what makes the reader want to read more. A lot of helpful pointers that you may want to take note of, this book is promising!

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Maximize Your Social – Neal Schaffer

Many companies have brilliant ideas but don’t know how to execute them on social media. This book teaches you how to maximize your presence on social media and project yourself in a way that you have never done before.

Social media without a strategy does not work at all. This book helps you to mold your business strategy and bring them to life as well. A great read for those who want to focus on their maximizing their profits for business through social media.

Audiobooks area unit very outstanding in today’s world where everyone seems to be very busy. We hope these audiobooks for social media marketing will help you to increase your revenue on social media and maximize your business.

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