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8 Digital Marketing Trends That Boost Your Strategy in 2017

by Aadil Bandi
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Digital marketing remains to be an industry that is continuously evolving and is a volatile industry. Businesses can succeed only if they keep up with the latest trends occurring in the industry followed by focusing on an actionable strategy.

This article deals with the latest digital marketing trends that will help improve the strategy.

Direct Interaction With The Target Market

Instead of relying solely on Google for search engine optimization purposes, it is better to find alternatives such as interacting directly with the target market.

Focus More on Mobile Search and Optimization

Mobile is dominating the present era and since it has now become a method of searching information for a large number of users across the globe, more priority must be given to the mobile users by the online marketers.

There is a growing importance for searches in mobile, mobile optimizations as well as mobile conversions.

Relevance Of Social Networks And Sales Conversions

With the relevance of social networking growing frequently, it is also providing a growing opportunity for businesses by providing them with improved lead conversions as well as gaining more new conversion channels.

Paid Advertising

The method of paid advertising is here to stay in the coming years too since it is proving to be beneficial for both the site visitors and businesses.

The paid advertising popularity is increasing at a better rate and even alternative methods of paid advertising can be expected in future.

The paid advertising strategy has already found a new place among the marketing methods of some businesses.

Marketing Automation

The popularity for marketing automation is growing than ever before. It is now available at a marketing budget that is much affordable compared to earlier.

Earlier it was only affordable by bigger companies in the industry and now those days are gone and even smaller as well as mid-sized companies can make use of marketing automation.

Marketing automation has become an inevitable requirement for most of the companies to stay on top compared to their competitors.

Importance of Content

With the introduction of Web 2.0, the writing profession has gained enough significance than previous years.

It has become an inevitable part of digital marketing and has become the latest trend. Content will be always important on the web and is about to stay for long.

The need for quality content would be the most important requirement that all the professional writers must have with them. The content creators can be writers, developers, podcasters and video producers etc.

The writing skills and the industry experience in the particular niche would matter a lot in finding the best content writer for the companies.

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Algorithm will Continually Change

The search algorithm will witness changes in the future also since the web has been overcrowded with a lot of information.

The search algorithm is required to identify the websites with the highest quality and those that follow the guidelines for their websites present in the search engines.

Conversion Optimization

Create a separate budget for conversion rate optimization.

It is the process of enhancing the number of website visitors in such a way so as to make them a product purchase and thereby creating lead conversions.

A detailed analysis will help in determining which of the web pages or landing pages are creating the most number of lead conversions.


The above-mentioned trends will definitely help you enhance the digital marketing strategy and thereby enhance the growth of your company through better lead conversions and customer satisfaction.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Neha Bansal. She has written a variety of contents in past and now writing on social media, eCommerce web design and development, search engine marketing, android app development services and many more topics.

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