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6 Strategic Tips To Use Twitter For Your Small Business

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Okay, you opened this article because you want to learn new things that’ll help boost or promote your business on twitter and yes that’s exactly what I’ll show you. With over 300 million monthly active users I bet you’ve known the ROI you can reap from marketing your small business on twitter.

With so much people using twitter every month, you wouldn’t want to skip it out in your marketing campaigns. For example, you can drive traffic to your ecommerce signup or sales page and drive leads and customers respectively. But come to think of it. Marketing your business on twitter can be overwhelming when not done right.

If you want to drive sales, engagements, leads, and prospects to your business, let’s ‘fuel’ your twitter efforts starting with the power of now. Without wasting much of your time let’s get right into it.

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Tip #1: Live In The Moments.

Let me tell you one of the biggest mistakes a lot of businesses make while trying to market their brand on twitter. This is something that is preached against on a daily basis but I still see a lot of businesses violating this.

“Not levering the power of now while marketing their businesses on twitter”

Twitter is a ‘live social media platform.’ It is meant for users to communicate with others what’s happening at the moment. I’ve seen quite a good number of brands who ‘live in the moments’ in their Twitter marketing.

Think of Apple, Nike and a lot more.

They live in the moments. They connect with their users with the power of ‘now’. This simply means your tweets don’t connect in the present. And that’s where things go wrong. Think of breaking news, industry trends and lots of trending stuff that happen.

Be ahead of your competition and be the first to break latest happening, news, developments etc in your industry or niche. I’ll show you exactly how to live in the moment and really drive engagement on your tweets. Here is 1 really quick technique to get your brand going.

Engage and participate in ‘morning’ and ‘nights’ chats.

This is what I mean. There are twitter chats where a lot of people engage in when they wake up and when they are about to go to bed.

For example, you can send out a few tweets using hashtags like ‘#MondayMorning’, ‘#SaturdayMorning’, ‘#ThursdayThoughts’.

Tip #2: Connect With Your Competition.

I highly recommend using twitter to connect and spy on your competition. Yes, it might sound irrelevant and a waste of time but let me tell you one good reason you need to spy on your competition if you really need your brand to crush it on twitter.

“Twitter marketing will be overwhelming especially for those starting out”

Not knowing what to do next is the situation you’ll find your small business in on a daily basis. But what then is the good of spying of your competition right?

First, you get to know exactly who will love your product or service. For example, you start an ecommerce store to sell shoes, follow and connect with twitter users that retweet, comment and follow brands like Nike.

Secondly, you get to know exactly what marketing technique works in your niche. For instance, you can monitor how many times your competition tweets in a day. Or how what sort of tweets works best.

Having these insights can not only save you from overwhelming but also save your hours.

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Tip #3: Survey & Follow Micro Influencers.

What are micro influencers?

Here’s how Sophia Bernazzani defines it:

“Micro-influencers are social media users unlike typical celebrities, experts, or public figures. They’re individuals who work or specialize in a particular vertical and frequently share social media content about their interests. Unlike traditional “influencers,” micro-influencers have a more modest number of followers — typically in the thousands or tens of thousands — but they boast hyper-engaged audiences”

Micro influencers are people in your niche that have not yet built a huge brand yet. They mostly have 1,000-10,000 followers. But don’t use only their twitter following count to rate their influence. There are a number of big brands and businesses that might have started late on twitter hence will have a much lesser following than they should.

Check their websites. Have a look at their brand, what they do and the engagement/shares they get. Some even display their past/present customers for social proof. If a brand or business has companies like Microsoft, Dell, Google etc as customers then you can tell their ‘brand size’.

Find these and follow them on a daily basis. Let me tell you why you should do this…

  1. They follow back.
  2. They are more likely to tweet out about you & your brand.

Tip #4: Participate In #Twitterchats A Lot!

The one amazing thing your business can do on twitter is to participate in twitter live chats (that matter to your business of course). But there is this problem brands have with participating in these chats.

“There’s no time!”

Come to think of this. Chats mostly take 20-45 minutes. The ROI?

  • More eyeballs to your brand. (I double my daily reach whenever I participate in twitter chats).
  • More engagements. (Engagement also doubles).
  • More follows. (I even get huge profiles follow me on twitter when I participate in chats).

So you’ve seen the goodies now here’s what to do.

Find 1 or 2 amazing twitter chats in your niche. If you’re into e commerce business and sale fashion wears, look for branded chats that are about fashion or clothing. If you are in the marketing niche, you’ll do yourself good by looking for marketing twitter chats (there are so many of them).

Now that you’ve gotten 2 chats you’ll benefit from, mark your calendars and be live. Ask and answer questions in the chat.

Tip #5: Tweet More Than You Do

There’s a problem you will encounter as a small business starting out on twitter. You probably already face this. It’s simple but common.

“No one listens”

You tweet out every day, you include images (as the studies say), you’ve optimized your profile and did everything you read online but it seems no one even sees your tweets. Be OK with that. All new businesses must face that. No one knows you yet so no one checks your profile to read your tweets.

And that’s what we’re going to solve by simply tweeting more than we should. I mean tweet more than the influencers in your niche tweet. For example a huge brand like Apple tweets about 3-5 times a day and get away with it but as a small business, you wouldn’t slip through.

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With over 350,000 tweets going out each minute, your 5 poor tweets would get lost. So to solve this, you first find the best times to tweet in your niche.

You can use various analytics tools or you can use twitter analytics (it doesn’t provide a much detailed report on the best time to tweet). And start tweeting as much as you can. Several studies suggest we send 14 tweets every day for a start.

Tip #6: Follow Back All Legit Profiles That Follow You

I see a lot of small businesses making this big mistake. An account follows you but you don’t follow back. You know what you’re doing to your business? You are literally chasing, even more, people away.

On my twitter profile, I notice that a lot of profiles unfollow me when I fail to follow back. I mean about 95% of users that unfollow me are those I don’t follow back.

Do your business well and start following back whoever follows your brand.


I want to hear from you. What is the number one tip you’ve implemented on your business twitter profile and has resulted in great ROI? Mine was participating in live chats.

Let me know yours in the comments below.

Author Bio

Simon Zaku is a twitter marketing specialist for small businesses & startups. He created a free special bonus specifically for you, click here to download yours now

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Lisa August 15, 2017 - 4:28 pm

Sunny, great tips. I need to work on moments and more chats. I haven’t done a chat in a while. I need to find early a.m. ones to participate in.
My biggest advice is to make Twitter lists. They keep me organized and help me share some really good content. I can quickly find things and find them fast!
I also use tools like Triberr, JustRetweet, The Buffer, and Viral Content Bee to help in the process.
Thanks for sharing these with us!

Simon Zaku August 15, 2017 - 10:29 pm

Hey guys!

Thanks for having me on this blog.

Appreciate it 🙂



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