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6 SEO Myths You Should Trashed in 2017

by behnaj
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In this digital era, SEO has gained a lot of prominence for the businesses across the world. Good SEO tactics can help a site attain excellent ranking across the search engines. But, some companies offering SEO services are just scams. They tend to propagate a lot of myths about SEO and offer scam services.

Let us check out the top 6 myths propagated by them.

Myth 1: SEO is All About Ranking Higher

Most of the online resources and e-books place extra emphasis on the fact that getting number-1 ranking or getting to the top of the search results is the best way to attract the maximum traffic. But, the truth is, getting to the second page may also be beneficial when it comes to attaining more traffic.

Myth 2: SEO Can be Done Without Any Professional Assistance

Doing SEO implies that you are following certain techniques and procedures in order to increase the chance of users visiting your profile. Although anyone can learn such SEO techniques, one also needs to spend a considerable amount of time and effort. SEO is not only about getting more traffic, but it also deals with coding, online marketing, PR skills and several technical skills. Businesses do not have all the resources; and thus, they have to hire professional assistance for SEO.

Myth 3: Meta Tags Are The Most important

Meta tags do not affect your ranking at all in the present times. When Google and Bing index the site they do not care for META Tags; and hence they are not important. Google doesn’t consider Meta keyword tag to fetch the keyword.

Myth 4: Exact Match Domain Name Helps to Rank Higher

This is again a myth since the entire indexing process now revolves around the actual content of the web page rather than the domain name, which is keyword rich. Domain names are important, but it will not rank you higher.

Myth 5: Sitemap Submission Can Boost Ranking

Have you generated Sitemap for your website?

website owners submit sitemaps to Google Webmasters every time they make changes to the site. This step is totally unnecessary. Submitting the sitemap will not change or boost your ranking.

But, the site needs to be a typical one, carrying major links for ranking higher. Having Sitemap is necessary and won’t hurt your SEO strategy but, will not help you to rank better.

Myth 6: SEO Has No Link With Social Media

Previously, when social sites were not there, SEO was the only way to get more traffic to the site and rank higher. But, with the advent of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, social media and SEO are closely linked. SEO and social media are linked closely, as we now have Open Graph Engine introduced by Facebook to look for friends who have a common interest.

According To Google, “Facebook like and tweet counts do not help to rank your websites”

This statement is correct but not 100%.

Google does not use social media metrics for ranking calculations, but It will help you to index your page and viral your content.

Successful social media campaign helps you to reach maximum people, increase visits, and engagement.  This will indirectly boost your SEO efforts.

There are various other myths relating to SEO. It is the greatest myth that an SEO company can offer you the number 1 position on SERPs. Indeed, there is no firm which can ever guarantee the number one position in the search results.

Author Bio – Evans walsh is a seasoned professional in SEO and is working with sandcrestseo as an SEO strategist. Through this article, she wants to help people.

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