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6 Contemporary Strategies Help To Boost Google Rank

by Sunny chawla
6 Contemporary Strategies Help To Boost Google Rank - beta compression

There is a crowd everywhere almost Organic Rank.


People and companies talk about ranking, Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and more, but most of them ideally look for Google ranking. It is sometimes called the search engine results page or SERP.

If you are into digital marketing then you must know about SERP and how to boost website ranking in all major search engines with the help of search engine optimization, social media optimization, and marketing as well as pay per click.

Though PPC or Pay Per Click is a paid marketing thing and not related to organic search ranking.

Here, in this blog, we are about to discuss the six most important, better to say contemporary strategies that will help you enhance your ranking.

We will not only discuss ranking and its benefits for a business but also tell you more about ranking and how to do it effectively, better to say organically.

Organic search ranking is no doubt the first and foremost choice of a majority of people and businesses, but it takes time to get listed on the top of the ladder of rank, but possible when you work on your project for a long time.

Benefits of Ranking on 1st Page

When you consult with a digital marketing specialist or a company that deals in digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization, and marketing, including paid marketing, it will tell you more about it.

Furthermore, you may want to know the benefits of search ranking by way of organic search.

Yes, most of the people and companies what to know, especially the start-up companies that have a low or minimum budget frame for their digital marketing campaign, so they like or prefer to run organic search marketing rather than a paid campaign.

The benefits of organic search ranking are many. Let us have a look.

1. Organic rank helps stay the website on the top of the search engine results page for a longer period of time.

2. Organic rank helps generate leads that are potential leads and that comes from the diverse source without any hindrance.

3. Organic rank is helpful for several reasons that have been discussing here on the blog, but one of the most important reasons is cost-effective and long term valued marketing campaign.

4. Organic rank is not only best for a business of all types and sizes, though it takes a bit time, often for a few months to a year, it is absolutely good for sure.

5. Organic rank is better than paid marketing, though sometimes paid marketing or social media marketing helps boost one’s website rank, but that for a short period of time.

6. Organic rank is better than PPC when you have a small budget. The budget for PPC would be higher as per the keywords you target rather than cost-effective organic search engine optimization and social media marketing.

7. Organic search marketing or search engine optimization is one of the most trusted online marketing or digital marketing task that these days most of the marketing people appreciate.

This is the best as well as an affordable way by which most of the businesses, especially small and medium businesses of all types are running after and shouting for organic marketing or organic search engine optimization, which is the best and cost-effective way to improve website rank.

Strategies to Help You to Improve Your Website Rank

Those who say Google is a website surely say wrong.

Google is not a website, primarily Google is search engine and a paid marketing service provider in the world of internet.

6 Contemporary Strategies Help To Boost Google Rank - beta compression

Google though has many options to provide news and information directly if you subscribe to those services, some services are paid and some are free.

It does not show information that is preload in Google, so it is not a website. Google is a search robot, which searches information according to the keywords you type on Google and show those websites or blogs links and Meta description on your computer screen. You, then visit those sites to get the information.

It will show those websites that are organically optimized or if you take their paid search marketing service, which is popularly known as PPC.

Let us see the strategies that help you enhance or improve your website rank.

Stop targeting solely on keywords, better think about content

When you stop targeting solely on keywords and concentrate more and more time writing or publishing good quality content that your readers love, you will get more and more traffic. Because search engines first love good quality content what readers really love, then keywords.

Go Social with your website

Your website is nothing but a way, a channel or a medium by which you can go social. Social media play a pivotal role in today’s internet. So, get to know more about social media and social media marketing will give you many advantages improving rank.

Share your content on social media

When you publish a content on your website or blog or do update your products and or services information, you can get many social media like that are good for your business. You can also automate your post on social media using tools.

Share links and get links for high traffic and page rank websites

Backlinks are still important. When you get and share links with high traffic links websites, it is easy to get good ranks. Don’t follow old tactics to get bulk backlinks. Just concentrate on high-quality and relevant websites to get backlinks for your website.

Do guest blogging or guest submission

Guest submission is one of the best ways by which you can get good rank through the links also you get more traffic to your website. There are lots of guest posting sites available which will help you to gain good ranking and traffic.

Run Paid Ad if possible with Google and Bing

Though this is not an organic marketing strategy, a paid marketing strategy sometimes prove great that help improves your search ranking.

Organic search ranking not only helpful for long term lead generation and grabbing the potential customers for a longer period of time, but also helps the owner’s site involve in a non-paid campaign that helps the business grow without any extra cost.

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