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6 Common Myths About Dedicated Server Hosting

by Aadil Bandi
6 Common Myths About Dedicated Server Hosting - Betacompression.com

If you are a modern day entrepreneur having a website that markets your business, you may often find yourself hanging in between investing too much or too little on a hosting server.

When we talk about server hosting, the Internet is full of countless options. You can get a shared hosting server, a virtual private server, a dedicated server hosting or an in-house server as per your preference.

While each type of server has its own benefit, people often find themselves trapped in a confusion of choosing the right one for their businesses. If you ask me, I will always choose a dedicated server because it is by far the best option.

A dedicated server solely devotes to your website. With technology at the rise and more innovative technologies making to the forefront, some use cases lend themselves better than the other.

People want success and to gain it they often forget what server hosting solution they are appointing for their website. They often become victims of misconception and find themselves in the abyss of concerns.

Let’s clear them out of the way for you.

MYTH 1. Dedicated Servers Are Not Secure

If server access falls into the wrong hands, your data can be misused and put your website at risk. But, if your website is on a dedicated server, the chances of risk are far too low. Unlike shared hosting servers, dedicated servers don’t have a shared access, so the chance of misconfiguration greatly minimizes. Moreover, a dedicated server gives you complete administrative access so you can make sure your data remains private. You don’t have to take necessary security measures or take any further action in order to protect the server infrastructure from spammers, hackers or other malicious invaders.

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MYTH 2. Dedicated Servers Are Expensive

Back in the days, dedicated servers were a rare technology with high demand on the market. However today, the market has become highly competitive in introducing multiple competitors and better solutions. Therefore, what used to cost a fortune back in time can now be easily found on a monthly subscription at an affordable price. The best part about dedicated servers is that you only pay for what you consume and which not only cut down extra expenditures but also secure their resources as well as your own.

MYTH 3. Dedicated Servers Don’t Have Strong Support

One of the downsides of having a free web hosting service is lousy support. If your server is down, support will be incompetent to help you resolve the complication. If your business promises to be a thriving one, then you need something which has a superior technical support team which functions through dedicated server clients and understands the importance of your applications. A dedicated server is capable to offer you all that and much more. Normally, you connect with support through live chats, email or phone. However, most dedicated server’s overview support through a ticketing system supervised by a guaranteed SLA which means that your query will definitely be resolved one way or another.

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MYTH 4. Uptime Doesn’t Matter in Dedicated Servers

Nobody likes a website that often pops into an error code. And today, website owners often find themselves wondering how much downtime they just might have to experience while hosting websites on a cloud server. While a normal hosting server can give you a 98% uptime guarantee which approximates to a downtime worth half an hour a day, a dedicated server can offer you a total uptime of at least 99.99% setting the threshold at 1 minute 44 seconds a day. That’s almost 30x less of a problem when hosting your website on a dedicated server.

MYTH 5. In Dedicated Servers, Specs Don’t Matter

No website can outperform its competitors if it doesn’t have the right specs to run it. There is a high chance a visitor might drop your website and move to a better alternative and it happens in just a handful of seconds. Slower the performance of your website, faster the audience leaves your platform. As a result, you suffer potential business loss. Therefore, it is highly important that you supervise how much RAM, storage and bandwidth is offered by the server you are hosted on. Shared hosting servers have shared resources; whereas, in dedicated hosting servers you get a single plan with a dedicated hardware to run your website.

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MYTH 6. Dedicated Servers Are Same as Virtual Private Servers

In a virtual private server, you have shared resources which means that your website consumes shared compute energy. Although VPS offers you unlimited bandwidth, so you can’t really be sure when it comes to memory consumption. Sometimes, your website may perform amazing while other times it may suffer some downtime blows. On the other hand, a dedicated server gives you the liberty to operate in a dedicated environment with a single server resource to manage. You won’t have to worry about consumption as you can scale up and down without suffering any performance issues at all.

When it comes to speed, reliability, and performance, dedicated servers are the ultimate solution. It takes away the burden of hosting off your shoulders and save a good amount of maintenance costs and more. If you haven’t considered a dedicated server for your business yet, now might just be the time.

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