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5 SEO Secrets that Nobody will Tell You

by mandeepkaur
5 SEO Secrets that Nobody will Tell You

There are millions of website over the internet. Getting at the top of the search results is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are plenty of competitors that are striving for the same goal. Getting at the top of search result page. However, it is not difficult as it may seem. With the right strategy, tools, and patience, you can achieve the target of getting at the top of the search result page.

Here, we will be telling you five SEO secrets and tactics about SEO strategy that we ourselves have implemented in the past and got positive and overwhelming results. Here are 5 SEO secrets that you might not be aware of.

Create content for Backlinking

Some of the SEO experts believe that link building is dead and is not as much effective as it used to be. But this is not true. Link building is not dead and is nowhere close or being dead. Links are crucial in getting the good ranking of the website. Link building is still in the top spot for getting the good rank of the website. But you have to create the content for the purpose of attracting links from influencers, bloggers, and online marketers. Research on what journalists and bloggers typically like to link in their posts. Write for that particular purpose. Some examples would be expert interviews, controversial posts, prediction posts etc.

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Optimize the RankBrain

You cannot be sure about SEO. Google has given a little or no information about how it ranks the websites. But on the basis of experience and hit-and-trial methods, SEO experts have come to know about 3 major ranking factors. If you succeed in optimizing these three ranking factors, it is most likely to boost your ranking.

These three ranking factors are

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  1. BackLinks,
  2. Content, and
  3. RankBrain


RankBraing is built using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that is helpful in processing the search results.

But the question arises that how to optimize for RankBrain. For the rankBrain optimization, you have to write the content that is natural. The content should not be written like a machine. If the data is written in natural tone like day to day conversation, then you have performed the RankBrain optimization.

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Focus on featured snippets

As we all know that featured snippets is a Google’s attempt to provide the answers to the questions in the search results itself. If Google thinks that your website is providing the best answer to the question, then it will show the answer in the featured snippets along with the name of your website.

featured snippet - promise ring tips - dazzlingrock.com

However, many websites do not want to optimize for featured snippets due to lack of knowledge. They believe that it will affect the website traffic as people will not visit the website because they have got the answer without even clicking.

But this is not true. The websites who have optimized for the featured snippets seems to increase the traffic by 20-30 percent. While optimizing for featured snippets, keep in mind that always try to solve more complex questions. Giving one or two-word answer for the simple questions may not improve your click-through rate.

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Include the related topics in the content

For SEO, content is the key. There are some specific areas in the websites that are directly related to the high ranking of the websites.

Some of the areas that are related to the high ranking are:

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  1. Using keywords in the description and the body of text,
  2. Use keywords in the internal and external links and
  3. Get to know about the reading level of your target audience.


An interesting fact about the ranking is that the top ranking pages contain more than 50 percent of the relevant terms.

related topics - seo secrets - betacompression.com

Relevant terms are the topics or words that are closely related to your primary keywords. Along with focusing on the primary keyword, you must also include the relevant terms. This will improve the quality of the content and also the ranking of your website.

Know the intent behind the search

Getting at the top of the search engine result page (SERP) the website, the website has to meet the expectation of the user. If your website is not providing the useful information, the user will switch to the next website in the search result page. If users reject your page for a more useful one, the bounce rate will increase on the website and time spent on the website will decrease. Google will detect that your website is not providing the quality information and your ranking in the search result page will drop. If you do not want this to happen, you have to get to know about the intent behind the search. Google crawler built with Artificial Intelligence techniques which monetize your website’s data and index it accordingly.

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In this article, we discussed five secrets to improve the SEO strategy. However, they might not be the secret for everyone, these are the strategies you might not be familiar with or not using on your website for SEO optimization. All these methods of SEO improvement are proven and self-tested in improving the website ranking. The secrets of SEO are actually not secrets anymore. You just have to focus on providing the best and related content to your audience and answering their questions. With these strategies, your website ranking will definitely improve.

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