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5 eLearning Hacks To Curate Effective eLearning Content

by kamy
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Running a startup is not a small risk. Those who’ve tried and succeeded admit that starting a business with little experience and limited resources is tricky and exhausting. Out of compassion for young aspiring entrepreneurs, they recommend adopting big company habits early on such as eLearning.

You may question why online learning?

We’ll try to answer your question and give you top 5 tips for building a successful eLearning program in a startup environment.

Why should a Startup Invest in eLearning?

5 elearning Hacks You Need for Your Startup - beta compression

The simple answer would be – because knowledge gives the best guidance for the future. Your current know-how is probably far behind what’s needed for clever long-term strategizing, which means that you have to learn more in order to boost growth. But, I’m sure you already knew that.

What you presumably didn’t think of is that the future of your company starts right here, right now. Your business model may pivot once or twice before you finally establish your identity, but your practices, expertise, and knowledge are all forged during this rooky phase.

ELearning is not the same as knowledge management, but both of these practices ensure greater certainty. Online learning will let you share, distribute knowledge and record learning experiences and make it actionable.

The sooner you start documenting the lessons you’ve learned about managing workflow or structuring internal operations, the quicker your future employees will be able to adopt them.

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Startups rarely think about employee training, orientation, and user onboarding. Then again, most startups fail before they even get a chance to. If you want to set up a different course for yourself, preparing ahead of time is a good way to start.

Here are 5 tips on how to make winning eLearning content –

1. Choose a Suitable eLearning Strategy

5 elearning Hacks You Need for Your Startup - beta compression

In the startup environment, any kind of learning is crucial. We’re talking exclusively about online courses simply because they provide greater benefits for corporate learning. They are cheaper than conventional training, more convenient, and less time-consuming, which makes them perfect.

The type of eLearning program depends on the subject and the objective, the first being the audience a course should target, and the latter the end-goal or a purpose of the program. In order to develop one for your startup, you need to think about who your learners are and what they need to learn.

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Your program will certainly have more than a single objective, and your inexperienced subjects will certainly have a lot to learn. Because webinars are expensive and require plenty of time and effort to create, they are not the most suitable eLearning option for startups that are trying to make ends meet.

2. Pick the Best eLearning Tool

We’ll give you a couple of tips on how to choose the best eLearning authoring tool for your startup needs. And, try not to think of the price as your only criterion. An online learning software is a sound investment, so make it a good one.

Simplicity is actually way more important than price. A reliable eLearning authoring tool shouldn’t take up your time or make things more complicated. It should be easy to master and use, secured with data privacy measures, and accessible anywhere, anytime. Be sure that your pick comes with customer support as well, since you’ll hardly have any time to maintain it yourself.

3. Adopt Microlearning

5 elearning Hacks You Need for Your Startup - beta compression

Take modularity into consideration as well. The best online learning software solution should be based on the best pedagogical principles, and modularity is certainly one of those. It is a type of instructional design that supports small learning units, which makes it great for a holistic approach called microlearning.

We’ve mentioned before that eLearning practices consume less time than traditional ones. This is one of the major benefits of microlearning as well, though it’s certainly not the only one. This approach is great for all businesses, including startups, because it allows the students to set their own learning tempo.

Learning at one’s own pace is the fundamental principle of a personalized approach as well, but microlearning is better. It granulates the content, presents it in chunks, and uses multi-device delivery. To engage the learner, such eLearning programs can be scenario-based and gamified.

4. Make Your Content Engaging

Microlearning brings us to another major educational topic – motivation to learn. This is extremely important in a business environment since busy adults need a bigger incentive for “going back to school” during their after-work hours.

Running a startup is even more hectic, and you’ll have to be very clever and inventive with your motivational techniques. Simply put, the learning content has to be engaging. Mix up your formats, create a couple of video tutorials to spice the text up, and look into the aforementioned gamified eLearning.

This is another reason for choosing a user-friendly online learning software system. If the online learning platform is too complicated to use, all of your motivational techniques are of little significance.

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5. Measure the Learners’ Performance

A reliable eLearning authoring tool will be essential to your program, but you’ll also need the support of in-depth analysis to measure the learner’s performance. Regardless of your objective, the real end-goal of your eLearning program will be retention of knowledge. As always, assessment is critical.

The best eLearning solution will allow you to evaluate how much your employees have learned after each consecutive course, but it’s important to measure the retention rate after some time passes as well. Always listen to the learners’ feedback, and never stop improving your program accordingly.


Creating a successful eLearning strategy is never easy, but it’s even less so in a startup environment. Our best advice is to think ahead. Find an online learning software that you can rely on, and adopt the methodology that sparks engagement. Only that way, your investment will be worthwhile.

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